Leading Ladies In Law

In honor of International Women’s Day, we would like to take the time to highlight some of the powerful leading ladies of law. Women do not get enough credit for the essential impact they have globally. Here at Rob …

Understanding Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Understanding car insurance can be complex, because there are many types of insurance backed by various policies. As everyday drivers, auto insurance plays an essential part in protecting everyone on the road. While we are meant to be extremely …

Slip and Fall

What is it?

Slip and falls occur when someone sustains an injury on public or private property due to unsafe premises. Slip and falls are a common type of personal injury and can happen anywhere to anyone. If someone experiences …

January 2022 Recalls

The U.S. FDA and CDC announced a recall on packaged salad linked to national Listeria outbreaks.  The Dole Company’s, prepackaged salad products have been recalled while the CDC investigates packaged salads produced by Fresh Express, a subsidiary of Chiquita …


Unfortunately, due to financial hardships, it is sometimes necessary for an individual to file for bankruptcy. The question is how does the filing of a bankruptcy effect a personal injury claim.

There are two types of bankruptcy that an individual …

Rules of the Road for Cyclists

May is National Bicycle Safety Month. While opting to ride a bike has many benefits, it also comes with inherent dangers. Whether you are on a bicycle or behind the wheel of a vehicle, make sure you are doing …

Are Self-Driving Cars Fatal to the Personal Injury Law Firm?

Autonomous vehicles have captivated the auto industry for several years. Every major car manufacturer has some project in the works, from Google’s Waymo to Apple’s super-secret “Project Titan,” autonomous vehicles and the proliferation of self-driving technology are looking increasingly …

What is Law 101?

to Law 101 with Rob Levine!

Instructor: Attorney Rob Levine

Meeting Day/Time:
Mondays at 10 a.m.


know that the legal system seems complicated, but Rob Levine & Associates
simplifies it so you can get the compensation you deserve. We strive to be a
resource …

Medical Malpractice Facts

How to Prevent and Understand Medical Malpractice as a Patient

medical practices have come a long way since people went to the local barber
for bloodletting, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. According to a 2016 Johns
Hopkins University study, more than …

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