I called in to ask about their ability to assist with my claim. I have multiple sclerosis and am unable to work at the moment due to my symptoms. I was greeted with a very friendly gentleman, who transferred me to an intake specialist named Mary. She answered every question I had and gave me answers beyond anything I would have thought to consider thinking about. One major note I would like to add is that this was after Mary had deduced that my case was incompatible with their current programs. How lovely and refreshing to be given such detailed and helpful information without expectation. I have severe sociological phobias. Mary was gentle, polite, and patient with me. I did not feel nervous talking to her. If you are like me and have issues with communicating with others, this may be the place for you. They do not work with SSI only cases. Thank you, Mary,

I want to thank Mary ext 263 who was the first person to help me with my case she really was amazing. I had other attorneys call treated me awful and didn't give an opportunity to explained my story .. I pray from this firm and people for believing in me and help me when I didn't have any clue in what do.. God bless this place for help people like me who are disabled. You have an amazing woman who really took the time to make me understand.

Courteous and professional. They can answer all your pesty questions and streamline your process of getting started to getting updates and beyond.

Strongly recommend Rob Levine and associates. They really helped me receive Social Security disability benefits after I thought it was lost. I first worked with Harley Davia, she got everything started, a very nice person to work with. Then I worked with Ana Contreras, who is one of the most patient person I know and has a lot of answers for every question you can think of. Then when it was time for court, with preparation and working with the Judge as well Attorneys Ellen Elwell, Dakota Smythe and Jennifer Hinchey. I started this process when I was living in Vermont and in the middle, I moved to Georgia so we had to switch Social Security regions. Even that curveball couldn't stop the "Heavy Hitters" Thank you, Attorney Levine and all your team



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