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Winter Safety for Children

Winter weather blew in yesterday evening in Providence. After a warmer than usual fall and early winter, colder weather is upon us. Parents should reevaluate their safety precautions each season to prevent possible injuries.
Clothing for Winter
Winters in Rhode Island …

Vehicle Safety for Children and Passengers

Proper Safety for Children

The first and most important part of keeping a child safe are dependent on where the child is seated while the vehicle is in motion. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the use …

Car Safety – Prolonging A Vehicle’s Life

What Makes a Vehicle Reliable?
Cars in the past have lasted ten years plus. Some cars are more reliable because they had similar parts, so it wasn’t as difficult to prolong the life of your vehicle. Over the past 30 …

Safety Concerns – Preventing Drowning

Swimming Pool Safety

The main concern for swimming pool safety is keeping children safe. Adults should always supervise children at all times when they are in or near a pool. Summer temperatures are going to continue to rise in the …

Summer Travel Safety Tips

The time that students and teenagers, as well as adults, look forward to all year long, summer. The school is out; graduations have finished up, and summer is finally upon us. Many of us have been planning road trips …

Car Accidents Involving Teens – Who is Liable?

Parental Responsibility – Teen Car Accident
Whenever a child becomes old enough to start driving, either with a licensed adult or by themselves, there is a certain amount of responsibility that parents frequently feel. Many states currently have laws that …

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