Personal Injury

What To Do After a Hit & Run Accident

Car accidents are always stressful, even in
the best-case situation. However, when a collision happens, all parties
involved are required to stop to assess damages and give insurance information
to proceed with a claim. Unfortunately, the severity of the accident may
influence the …

What Does the Fee Free Policy Mean?

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about hiring a lawyer is the cost. Many times, lawyers think that the general public is are of the different payment structures for attorneys. At Rob Levine & Associates, it is our …

What is Law 101?

to Law 101 with Rob Levine!

Instructor: Attorney Rob Levine

Meeting Day/Time:
Mondays at 10 a.m.


know that the legal system seems complicated, but Rob Levine & Associates
simplifies it so you can get the compensation you deserve. We strive to be a
resource …

Summer Sun Safety Month

We are in the prime of summer and things are truly heating up and so many outdoor activities to enjoy like biking, boating, swimming, and more.  There is also an increase in people enjoying the outdoors, which causes traffic …

Safe Boating Tips- Boat Accident Lawyer

Boating is a very popular hobby in New England. Now that the season is approaching, we are all ready to take the boat back out on the water. Despite your amount of experience, there is always the potential for …

Personal Injury Cases Explained

Rob Levine & Associates is a personal injury firm that practices in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Have you been injured and want to know if you have a case? We have broken down the complexities of ‘personal injury’ …

How to Prevent Slip and Falls Part One: Indoor Slip and Falls

Prevent Slip and Falls from Happening this Season
Unfortunately, slip and falls are quite common. A crack in the pavement, icy weather conditions, or just poor timing can cause a trip, slip, fall, and injury. The Centers for Disease Control …

How To Determine Fault In A Slip And Fall Case

The National Flooring Safety Institute reports that over one million people a year are injured from slip and fall accidents. Any injury caused by a slip or trip on someone else’s property is defined as a slip and fall. These …

The Importance of Boating Safety: Summer Safety Tips

Boating Tips for Summer Safety 
Now that it is summer there are plenty of fun and exciting outdoor activities to take part in such as biking, hiking, and water sports. Many aquatic activities include the use of a boat, which …

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