Summer Sun Safety Month

Summer Sun Safety Month

We are in the prime of summer and things are truly heating up and so many outdoor activities to enjoy like biking, boating, swimming, and more.  There is also an increase in people enjoying the outdoors, which causes traffic and obstacles on the road.

Though the summer months should be enjoyed one should be aware of the safety precautions to lower their risk of injury. To celebrate Sun Safety Month, Rob Levine & Associates compiled a summer safety checklist to help prevent injuries.

Summer means more road traffic

No, we aren’t just talking about beach traffic. The warmer weather leads to an increase in pedestrians outside. Whether you are biking, driving, or walking be cautious of your surroundings.


  • Drive slowly
    When you are driving around heavily populated areas it is best to slow down. In a blink of an eye, a dog or a kid chasing after a ball could run in front of you. The slower you go, the easier it is to stop in time of need.
  • Stay alert
    Though traffic may not be the most entertaining place to be, it is still necessary to pay attention to the road. Being on your phone or distracted for even a second can be enough time to rear-end someone
  • Watch out for cars on the side of the road
    There are more vehicles parked on the side of the street in the summer. It is crucial that drivers watch out for opening of car doors into the road to avoid an accident and injury. Walkers crossing the road can also be hidden from your vision due to these cars, so make sure you are driving slow and ready to stop in case of an emergency.


  • Protect yourself
    Bicycles have significantly less safety technology than a car, and riders are at a much higher risk of a serious injury if involved in a bicycle accident. Protect your head by always wearing a helmet. 97 percent of people who died in a bike accident were not wearing helmets. Avoid dangerous areas of the road such as bumpy ground, sharp turns, and high-traffic areas.
  • Be aware/respectful of traffic
    Do not tailgate vehicles or drive recklessly on the road. If you are riding on the road you should abide by the same rules as a car. This means to make sure you drive with oncoming traffic, use proper signals, and give other vehicles appropriate space.
  • Be Seen
    Make yourself obvious when on the road so you are in view of all vehicles. If riding at dusk or at night, wear reflective clothing so that vehicles can see you.


  • Use the Sidewalk
    Sidewalks are designated for walkers and joggers, so use them! The safest place to be while walking near the road is a sidewalk. If you are on a road without a sidewalk, walk against traffic so cars can see you approaching and slow down accordingly.
  • Look Before Walking
    Though you probably learned this in grade school, looking both ways before crossing can save your life. Cars are supposed to yield to pedestrians; however, this does not always happen. Make sure that you are seen and that vehicles are at a complete stop or have passed you before crossing. If available use a crosswalk.
  • Be Alert
    Always pay attention to your surroundings. This means watching out for unexpected obstacles and dangers. Traffic signs, parked vehicles, and other objects can obstruct a driver’s vision, preventing them from seeing you. It is important that you see everything so that you can focus on getting out of harm’s way. 

Warm weather means more slip and fall liability

Spills, sprinklers, clutter, and more can cause injury if neglected. You could be liable for someone’s injury if they were to slip and fall on your property. Limit your chance of a lawsuit by following these tips:

  • Make people aware of slippery surfaces
    Slippery surfaces come often when children or guests are walking through the house with wet feet. Limit the risk of a slip and fall by making sure surfaces are dried often. Install anti-slip flooring in extra slippery areas. If there is a spill or a slippery space, notify others of the danger with a sign until it is resolved.
  • Keep your lawn obstacle free
    Hoses, toys, and tools can seriously injure someone if they trip on the object. This can be easily fixed by putting away any tools or toys once they are done being used. Keep your lawn clutter free and fill in any holes.
  • Fix broken walkways
    People expect to be able to safely stroll on a walkway or staircase. If you have a broken step or a crack on your sidewalk fix it immediately. You will be held liable if someone becomes injured due to your negligence.
  • Watch where you are going
    No matter what safety measures are taken sometimes accidents happen. That is why it is imperative to watch your step at all times. Focus on getting from point A to point B before getting distracted. If you are by a pool, look out for slippery wet areas. Always expect the unexpected by paying attention to your surroundings.

Additional Summer Safety Tips

There are so many ways to stay safe this summer. Staying alert and following common sense precautions can significantly reduce your risk of injury. Personal Injury can be limited by following the rules and looking out for dangerous situations. For more information and safety tips visit As always, have a safe and fun summer!

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