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Bus Accidents

Public buses have established an accessible and affordable means of transportation. Public bus transportation is essential in supporting the quality of life in our communities. Although bus transportation has made life easier it also comes with its risks. Bus accidents …

March Recalls

Fashion company recalls child accessory due to high levels of lead present.  Handbag and accessory retailer, Kelly Wynne, announced a recall on about 1,050 “Mama & Me MINI Children’s Handbags”, as of February 24, 2022. Manufactured in China and …

November Recalls

Walmart recalls Better Homes & Garden peppermint aromatherapy spray after deaths due to harmful bacteria.  A scented spray from the company Better Homes & Garden is being recalled from all Walmart stores. Customers are being asked to get rid of …

Buying a New Car – Safety Features

Technology is constantly innovating all aspects of our lives, including our transportation. Understanding new safety technology and how it compares to previous options is vital for anyone thinking about getting a new car.
Required Safety Measures
As technology and research have …

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