November Recalls

November Recalls

Walmart recalls Better Homes & Garden peppermint aromatherapy spray after deaths due to harmful bacteria.  A scented spray from the company Better Homes & Garden is being recalled from all Walmart stores. Customers are being asked to get rid of products due to a disease-causing bacterium, Burkholderia pseudomallei. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested the product and found it contained bacteria that causes melioidosis, a rare but serious disease. Melioidosis causes various symptoms like high fever, cough, weight loss, chest pain, headache, and muscle soreness. Some serious cases can be fatal which lead to the death of 2 cases investigated that included a child. Customers are advised to throw out the product immediately using the following precautions. Customers must use gloves to double bag the bottle in a clear resealable bag and place the product in a cardboard box to return it to the nearest Walmart for a refund. If the product was sprayed on walls, linens, or furniture customers must clean items using a mask and gloves. Due to concerns and complications, Walmart is offering $20 Walmart gift cards for customers who return the product.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals Blood Pressure Medication Recalled Due to Cancer Concerns. 2 types of blood pressure made by the pharmaceutical company, Lupin, are being recalled due to cancer-causing impurities found in batches of tablets. The company voluntarily recalled all batches of their Irbesartan tablets and their Irbesartan Plus Hydrochlorothiazide tablets. Lupin Pharmaceuticals is recalling all tablets that have been sold or prescribed from October 8, 2018, to September 30, 2021. Lupin advises customers to continue taking their medications but to contact their pharmacist, physician, or medical provider for an alternative treatment while the formula is being revised. The company has notified wholesalers, distributors, drug chains, and supermarkets. They will move forward in coordinating the return of products. 

KTM North America Recalls over 1,840 of their Off-Road Motorcycles Due to Crash Hazard. KTM Husqvarna issued a product recall for several of their 2021 motorcycles. The off-road closed course motorcycles are being recalled due to a hazardous build issue. About 1,840 models were recalled including 256 in Canada. The “R” clips on the bike’s front brake caliper pin have been cautioned due to it falling out causing the brakes to completely fail. The effect on the brakes can lead to a more dangerous injury if a motorcyclist crashes. KTM dealerships are remedying this by offering a free repair to all affected models. If you are an owner of the recalled model, contact your local authorized KTM Husqvarna or Gas-Gas dealer immediately before use. 

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