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Bus Accidents

Public buses have established an accessible and affordable means of transportation. Public bus transportation is essential in supporting the quality of life in our communities. Although bus transportation has made life easier it also comes with its risks. Bus accidents are common and yield a serious risk as there is a bigger vehicle involved and more victims involved.

Commuter Impact

Bus transportation is a convenient and eco-friendly way to travel although they are not always safe.  Driving a large vessel filled with people through towns and cities is not an easy feat and can be even more complex with so many other drivers on the road. The University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute reported, “83% of bus drivers were not engaging in dangerous driving behavior”, implying that these types of accidents can happen without warning and are often caused by other drivers on the road.

Types of Bus Accidents

You have most likely been on a form of public transportation one time in your life. From the days on the big yellow school bus, taking the bus through the city, and even traveling between states in New England, riding the bus is one of the easiest ways to travel.

Bus accidents can happen in any of these situations and are commonly seen on City Buses, School Buses, and Public Shuttles. With the lack of safety measures such as seatbelts, passengers are at risk of injury that can lead to a fatal situation.  Although there is a higher rate of bus accidents nationwide since 2020, fewer have resulted in fatal injuries.

Caught in a Bus Accident

If you are someone who experiences a bus accident, follow these steps to ensure you are protected when filing a claim.

  1. Get Medical Attention & Call Authorities.

All public bus systems have standards in place for when accidents happen. Authorities must always be present for a public accident of this size. Ambulance services must be called immediately regardless of if serious injuries are present. Make sure to get texts and X-rays of the body as many times injuries are not present initially and develop over time. Often bus companies will cover medical expenses even if they are not sued by the injured victims.

  • Document

Only if you are physically able, take photos of the scene and any injuries that occurred. Get information such as passenger names, phone numbers, and addresses. Obtain the name of the officers on the scene and the bus driver if possible. Take pictures of the accident scene from all angles. This should only be done if you are completely injury-free. In addition, obtain a copy of the bus ticket with the bus number, time, and date to prove that you were on the bus during the accident.

  • Call Bus Accident Lawyers

If you are concerned about the results of the accident and need to seek legal help reach out to an attorney as soon as you have received medical attention. Attorneys are well versed in the legal procedure that takes place after a bus accident. They are also able to efficiently guide you through the unique insurance policies that are held by bus companies.

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