4th of July Safety and Injury Compensation

4th of July Safety and Injury Compensation

Fireworks shows can be incredibly loud and cause hearing damage.

The Fourth of July is a joyful time for most people. Some enjoy going all-out and doing up their homes with extravagant decorations. Others prefer to simply kick back and enjoy the federal holiday in other ways. However, you may get injured on this special day and be entitled to injury compensation.

There is a likely large city-planned fireworks display, or smaller individual displays organized by private citizens, depending on where you live. Fireworks can be dazzling to look at, but they can also be a major source of Fourth of July injuries. Over 11,500 people were treated for fireworks-related injuries in emergency rooms across America in 2021.

No one wants to have their Fourth of July celebrations ruined due to an injury.  So, let’s look at some key ways to stay safe this coming Fourth of July.

Fourth of July Safety Tips

You can prevent or reduce Fourth of July injuries in many ways. This includes:

1.    Observing Fireworks from a Safe Distance

Fireworks are essentially rockets designed to travel at high speeds and cover a huge distance before finally erupting in a dazzling light show. This means they have the potential to harm people that are standing even hundreds of feet away if something does go wrong.

For this reason, you should aim to stand at least 500 feet away from the fireworks’ launch site. If you’re viewing a city-planned fireworks display, you should stay behind the safety barrier designated for spectators.

The professionals who plan these events put plenty of thought and care into keeping spectators safe. So, you should be sure to abide by their guidelines.

2.    Staying Clear of Homemade Fireworks

Some Fourth of July enthusiasts enjoy creating their own fireworks from scratch. This DIY hobby often leads to disasters. These fireworks aren’t created using the professional standards that fireworks manufacturers follow. As a result, they have a higher likelihood of misfiring and exploding at the launch site.

Homemade fireworks accidents can be incredibly dangerous. 17 people were injured due to a single mishap with homemade fireworks in 2021. For this reason, you should avoid being anywhere near a fireworks display that uses homemade fireworks.

3.    Protecting Your Ears

You’re probably already aware of how loud fireworks shows can be. These shows last 15 to 20 minutes and expose spectators to sound levels of over 150 decibels. If you’ve ever experienced ringing in your ears following a fireworks show, it means you’ve damaged your hearing.

For this reason, you should carry earplugs or earmuffs with you when you go to see a fireworks show. You can find inexpensive earplugs at just about any pharmacy or drugstore in the state. So, you can be well-prepared for the show.

Be sure to pack extra earplugs or earmuffs for any friends or family seeing the fireworks show with you.

4.    Staying Hydrated

Fireworks aren’t the only source of Fourth of July injuries. After all, people indulge in various types of celebrations on this special holiday. This includes throwing barbecues and attending parades.

It can be great to spend so much time outdoors. However, dehydration is a constant risk during such festivities. Severe dehydration can lead to fainting spells that result in injuries. For this reason, you should ensure you consume enough water throughout the day.

This is especially important if you intend to consume alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it doesn’t hydrate the body. Therefore, you should also take breaks and drink water regularly throughout the day.

5.    Being Extra Cautious on the Road

You may be a responsible driver. However, that doesn’t mean that the other people on the road on Fourth of July are also being responsible. Drunk driving is a huge issue on this day, so it is best to exercise extra caution on the roads.

Be sure to look out for speeding cars at intersections and be aware of your surroundings at all times. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for intoxicated pedestrians jaywalking.

No one wants to get into a collision on this holiday. So, keep your eyes peeled and keep the number for your car accident lawyer or auto accident lawyer handy.

What to Do If You Get Injured on the Fourth of July

The safety tips described above can help you stay safe on the Fourth of July. However, injury or accident risks are still ever-present. This is usually due to factors out of your control.

Drunk drivers on the road or individuals in your neighborhood firing homemade fireworks can hurt you, even if you attempt to stay out of harm’s way. You should seek medical assistance immediately if you sustain an injury.

This should be your number one priority if your injury is severe. However, it is also important to note down key details about the injury and what caused it if you can.

You can then turn your attention toward receiving injury compensation. This is when you should reach out to a personal injury lawyer or a motor vehicle accident lawyer.

How RLA Can Help You Receive Injury Compensation

We at Rob Levin & Associates possess the knowledge and expertise to assess your injury case. As personal injury lawyers, we can determine the true extent of the harm the injury caused you. This includes both physical and mental harm as well as any financial losses you faced. We can then fight to hold the offending party responsible and help you receive injury compensation.

Contact us today and make the Fourth of July a truly great celebration again.

You may be entitled to injury compensation due to a Fourth of July mishap.

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