Common Neck Injuries and Causes

Common Neck Injuries and Causes


Whiplash and Neck Injuries

A whiplash is a commonly used term to described a range of neck injuries, particularly soft tissue trauma. The term whiplash describes the scenario of neck injury occurring. The person is struck by a sudden force, the force propels the individual’s body forward, while the head stays in place. This sudden jerk of the body exposes the neck to a quick, whip-like motion. Soft tissue is the biggest concern during a whiplash because it is easier to damage. In personal injury accidents, it is more common to state the particular injury rather than using the generalized term “whiplash.” Typical neck injuries from whiplash include hyperextension/hyperflexion injury, neck sprain or strain, myofascial injury and cervical strain.

Prevalent Causes

Car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash injuries, rear-end accidents specifically. Other common causes are as follows:

  • Car or truck accidents (not necessarily rear-end accidents)
  • Consistent stress at work (can be acute, over extended period)
  • Outdoor sports in extreme weathers (water and snow sports)
  • Contact Sports
  • Abuse
  • Slip and fall

Neck Injury Symptoms

Some injuries do not become apparent for days or weeks after an accident happens. Getting medical attention should be your priority after any accident. Signs of possible neck injury include headaches, dizziness and blurred vision. The more severe neck injuries can lead to decreased range of motion and more advanced symptoms. Neck injuries are concerning; without treatment, they can become chronic conditions. Any neck or back pain should be recognized as a concern. Going to a doctor or chiropractor will help evaluate whether the pain is serious or not.

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