A Very Happy Thanksgiving Giveaway

A Very Happy Thanksgiving Giveaway

Rob Levine and Associates donated 20 thanksgiving dinners to the Central Falls community today. As you can see from the video above, we delivered the groceries to the homes of various families  that have children involved in the school district of Central Falls. This was truly an amazing experience for our team. We were lucky enough to see the surprise and joy on the families faces as we handed them their turkey dinner.

All of at Rob Levine have a passion for giving back to the community, that is a main reason why we do what we do daily. However, this unique way of giving back was truly an experience. Next year, we plan on doubling the amount of thanksgiving dinners we will be able to provide, and help serve at least 40 families.

Rob Levine and Associates is also hosting our Designated Driver program where you can receive a free taxi drive tonight. This is to ensure that no one is driving while intoxicated tonight.


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