Advancements in Road Safety- Autonomous Cars

Autonomous cars

Advancements in Road Safety- Autonomous Cars

Technology is becoming more advanced and more luxurious than ever before. Recent innovations in the transportation industry are allowing cars to drive and even park themselves. This can be concerning to drivers; however, companies producing these vehicles are taking initiative to make the roads safer than ever before.  This idea of autonomous cars is a new and interesting topic in the field of law and many lawyers and law enforcement officers are interested to see the outcome.

Numerous companies within the vehicle industry are conducting research on autonomous vehicles.
Over 40 companies are on their way to designing cars that have the capability to drive themselves. Big names such as Tesla have even executed this idea on their new models.  These cars are highly intelligent and have the ability to steer, accelerate, break, and even park without human involvement. Companies such as Uber and Lyft are also toying with this idea to escort their customers to point A to point B.

Liability with Autonomous Cars

There is a lot of ambiguity currently when it comes to deciphering who would be to blame in a crash involving an autonomous vehicle. Since the technology is still very new, there is a lot of debate on the subject. Though it all depends on specific circumstance, there has been some conversation on the topic.

As of now, there are six levels of driving automation. Level three and below still require human involvement, and therefore the driver can be found liable for an incident. Once the vehicle reaches level five, it is considered to be fully autonomous, and as a result the vehicle can be found liable.

When a car is fully autonomous, it reduces the probability of human error, forecasting a safer and more controllable road.  These cars are prospected to innovate even further to follow speed limits, follow traffic regulations, and create a safer road. This idea could decrease the amount of road violations significantly.

Who is at fault?

If an accident should happen when a car is being driven autonomously, it will be up to law enforcement to decide who is at fault considering all the variables within the scenario. Human error is one of the main reasons for collisions on the road, and thus if there is a decrease of human involvement there should be a decrease in accidents on the road. This may also mean that there will be a shift of liability from the driver of the car to the car itself.

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