Do you already have access to disability insurance?

Do you already have access to disability insurance?

When people hear the word “disability,” they often naturally assume someone is talking about Social Security disability. There are, however, other disability insurance programs that can provide benefits for workers who are unable to work. If you’re suffering from a disability, these programs may be a good option to receive benefits to pay for living and other expenses.

Rhode Island’s Short-term Disability Benefits 

Rhode Island provides Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) for workers injured away from work and unable to perform job duties. Payroll deductions fund the program, which covers lost wages for as many as 30 weeks. You must be medically certified as unable to work in order to recover benefits through the TDI program. 

Employer Disability Programs

Employers may offer short-term and long-term disability programs. Short-term disability provides a percentage of income for a certain period of time for injuries sustained away from the job. It helps beneficiaries pay for bills while they recover from an injury. Usually these programs have a time limit of around a month, though this can vary so be sure to check with the insurance company providing these benefits or with your employer’s HR department.

Long-term disability provides similar benefits but for a longer period of time. This typically pays around 40 to 60 percent of pre-tax income. Many get long-term disability benefits from an employer’s group plan, though some might purchase private policies. The Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) usually governs employer group plans, while state insurance laws usually govern private policies.

If you believe you have a disability insurance program through work, contact your human resource representative to obtain a copy of the policy. After obtaining the policy from HR, applicants should go to work gathering records to prove their disability. It may be a good idea to ask your doctor for a report detailing your disability and why you cannot perform your job anymore.

Other Types of Disability Programs 

Some credit card companies provide or offer disability insurance that can cover monthly payments while you are disabled, up to a certain time limit. Similarly, some homeowner insurance plans will provide disability insurance that pays the mortgage while you are disabled, up to a certain time limit. Some plans pay only a portion of your monthly payment. Check your credit card and homeowner’s policies to see if you have this coverage.

What a Lawyer Can Do to Help

An attorney can conduct a thorough investigation of your disability and insurance policy as part of preparing your Social Security disability case. You can ask your attorney about your eligibility for Social Security disability benefits, as well as these other programs. Your attorney may provide counsel regarding your rights to these benefits. Your lawyer can also find complete medical records and other evidence to submit.

Rob Levine can help Social Security disability applicants in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts recover the benefits to which they’re entitled. Contact our office at 866-LAW-SSDI (529-7734) to schedule a free consultation regarding your disability case.

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