Rob Levine Halloween Safety Tips- Avoid the Tricks this Season

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Rob Levine Halloween Safety Tips- Avoid the Tricks this Season


Rob Levine Halloween Safety tips- Avoid the Tricks this Season

Everyone knows that Halloween is a holiday where neighborhoods go ramped. Children take over the roads in spooky costumes in hope of a night ending in pillowcases full of candy. Whether you are trick or treating, attending a Halloween party, or just staying at home, it is important to be aware of the increase chance of accidents during this night. Avoid tricks this season with these Halloween safety tips:

Trick or Treaters

Children can often be distracted during Halloween Night, so it is extra important to be cautious while on the road.

  • Be cautious of children’s costumes. If you have a child, make sure their costumes is bright or that they have a flashlight/ reflective vest on. This way cars can see them when they pass the road. It is also important to make sure children have full visibility in their costume so they can see their surroundings.
  • Drive slowly! Look out for children crossing the street. Remember children, though they should, may not look both ways before crossing, especially when running from house to house. 

Halloween Treats

There is always hype on the news about tampered treats and this is definitely a legitimate concern.

  1. Never take any baked goods or unwrapped food
    1. Baked and unwrapped goods are very easy to tamper with. Without a seal one can put any ingredient into the treat.
  2. Never consume treats that look opened or tampered with
    1. If the candy/product looks even the slightest bit toyed with, do not eat it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Dog Attacks

During Halloween people enter private property. There is in an increase chance of dog bites simply because there are more unknown people at the residence. If you are hosting a party or trick or treaters, make sure your dog is put a way securely.

Slip and Falls

The risk of slip and falls on Halloween Night increase dramatically, a child running from house to house in the dark is not always safe.

  • Clear your lawn of anything that could result in a trick or treater falling
    • You are potentially liable for injuries
  • Make sure costumes fit well and do not drag
    • Though oversized costumes may be spooky they also create a high risk of tripping! Make sure that you hem costumes to avoid slip and falls.

Fire Hazards

Whether it is a bonfire or a single light bulb, risk of fire hazards increase on Halloween night.

  • Jack-O-Lanterns
    • If lighting Jack-O-Lanterns with real candles, make sure that they are in a solitary location away from flammable or burnable objects. Another tip is to use fake candles and simply avoid the risk of an open flame.
  • Halloween Lights/Decorations
    • Make sure that your Halloween lights are safe before hanging them. Test for short-circuiting or any variable of the decoration that could be a fire hazard. It is also important to keep lights away from paper decorations or any material that can be caught on fire.

Drunk/Distracted Drivers

With all the parties as well as the crowds on the road you must expect drunk and distracted drivers. Drive slowly and keep your eyes out for the unanticipated.

With these Halloween safety tips you will be more prepared for the dangers of the night and can focus on having a good time. Have a safe and happy Halloween from Rob Levine & Associates!

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