Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips

Back to School Safety Tips

It is back to school time! This means extra traffic on the roads and additional distractions in your morning and afternoon commute. Just like there are safety precautions you need to follow in the summer, you also need to be aware of the road interferences that come with back to school season. Here are some back to school safety tips.

When Walking

  • Use crosswalks when available
  • When crosswalks are unavailable, walk facing traffic
  • Always look both ways before crossing the street
  • Make yourself easily visible to vehicles
  • Use crosswalks to cross the street 

When Driving

  • Beware of new drivers
  • Always watch for people walking across the street
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Do not block crosswalks
  • Watch out for school buses making frequent stops
  • Do not pass a school bus while its lights are on
  • Beware of school zones, lower your speed while passing through them
  • As always, stay focused on the road, do not drive while distracted

School Bus Safety

  • Have children stand at least 6 feet from the curb as the bus approaches
  • Do not allow your child close to the bus until it is parked and the doors open
  • To get off a bus, make sure that it is at a complete stop before standing
  • Restrain from crossing in front of a bus, if you must walk far enough away where other cars can see you

If you are moving your children back into their college or university it is also important to follow necessary precautions. Moving back into school is strenuous enough; don’t risk an accident by over packing your car.

  1. Ensure everything is strapped down properly
  2. Make sure that you have adequate visibility of the road
  3. Focus on the road! It is more difficult to react quickly with a mattress on top of your car!

With these necessary precautions and school safety tips, back to school season can be focused on the kids.

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