Banana Boat Sunscreen Recall: Is an Item Recall Lawsuit Possible?

Banana Boat Sunscreen Recall: Is an Item Recall Lawsuit Possible?

Products labeled dangerous for continued use are usually recalled from the market. FDA requirements, along with several other factors, encourage producers to pull products off the market. The recall can also follow an uproar from regular consumers. In the case of the Banana Boat Sunscreen recall, traces of the benzene carcinogen pushed manufacturers toward a product recall.

A product’s usage should parallel careful consideration of and knowledge about all the uses and potential side effects. This includes updating the item’s status worldwide and whether it has been recalled.

Following a product recall, a personal injury lawsuit can only be applicable where a consumer has no prior knowledge of the product recall. If you have suffered a personal injury from the Banana Boat Sunscreen without knowledge of the product recall, a personal injury law firm in Rhode Island, can help.

The Banana Boat Sunscreen Recall 2022-2024

Controversial traces of benzene found in the Banana Boat Sunscreen led to three batches of the product being recalled. According to Edgewell Personal Care, the sunscreen makers, this product contained traces of benzene, which can potentially cause cancer.

Product Name: Banana Boat Hair & Scalp Sunscreen Spray SPF 30

Batches Recalled:

  1. Universal product code (UPC): 0-79656-04041-8; lot code: 20016AF; expiration: December 2022
  2. Universal product code (UPC): 0-79656-04041-8; lot code: 20084BF; expiration: February 2023
  3. Universal product code (UPC): 0-79656-04041-8; lot code: 21139AF; expiration: April 2024

Benzene is a well-known carcinogen usually found in products through secondhand tobacco smoke or factory emissions in manufacturing. External natural disasters such as forest fires can also produce benzene.

Following certain side effects, Edgewell Labs subjected the products to rigorous testing, leading to alarming results. Soon after, benzene was found in the sunscreen, particularly in the propellant of the aerosol can.

Safety Considerations for Users of the Banana Boat Sunscreen

Users were advised to discontinue usage following the Banana Boat Sunscreen recall and discard the product immediately. Edgewell has instructed the removal of the recalled products from store shelves and provided reimbursements to the product’s users.

This isn’t a first. In fact, over a couple of years, product recalls have become too common, a popular reason being the benzene carcinogen revealed during usage. These carcinogens affect consumers through absorption into the lungs and the skin, causing blood and skin-related cancers or other diseases.

Apart from discontinuing usage, personal injury lawsuits may also be possible in case of adverse side effects. If you are experiencing an adverse reaction to the Banana Boat Sunscreen, contact a personal injury law firm, Rhode Island, to take the first step toward an item recall lawsuit.

Item Recall Lawsuits: How Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Relying on experienced lawyers can help you navigate some of the complexities of a personal injury lawsuit. Here’s how a personal injury law firm, Rhode Island, can help;

1.      Experience

You can use the experience of a personal injury lawyer to strengthen your case. Personal injury lawyers deal with recalled item injury cases every day. Explaining all the details and getting their support can help you win that lawsuit.

Personal injury lawyers can help you understand whether your injury qualifies for compensation and how much you can expect. They can also guide you to collect the required paperwork and help you fill out complicated forms without confusion.

Product recall lawyers also specialize in item recall lawsuits. They understand the intricacies of product liability, consumer protection, and FDA compliance. You must find lawyers that understand these terms and can help you navigate the process.

2.      Support

A personal injury law firm, Rhode Island, can help you understand whether your Banana Boat Sunscreen recall lawsuit is valid. They can do that by answering your questions and asking you for more information that can help them strengthen your case.

Unlike others, these lawyers can explain the entire process and are on your side from day one. They are there to help you win, whether through evaluating your case and claim, personal injuries, or arguing the case in court.

Lawyers also avoid wasting a client’s precious time. This is why they let clients know whether they have a viable case and only take them on when they trust that it is worthwhile for them. With an experienced lawyer, you don’t have to do the legwork. They can gather evidence on your behalf to support your claim.

3.      Final Decision

Lawyers can engage the responsible party in negotiation to get a worthwhile settlement. You can avoid the hassle of the court altogether and get your resolution. Only if the negotiations fail do the lawyers proceed with the lawsuit.

From day one, your lawyer can help you through the court proceedings, arguing for the damages you have suffered and asking for a negotiation.

They can represent you and ensure you are heard while they also handle any negotiations or offers that may arise. Moreover, they help you understand whether a settlement is worthwhile.

This settlement should ideally include medical expenses, wages lost during illness, pain, and suffering, and psychological damages, if any.

However, it is important to note that laws may differ from region to region. This is why you need a lawyer specializing in product recall lawsuits in Rhode Island!

Final Thoughts

Applying for a product recall lawsuit can be difficult. The intricacies of the process can make you feel like you have chewed off more than you can swallow. However, that isn’t always the case. It is just a matter of perspective.

Product recall lawyers can help you get that perspective and make court proceedings easy for you. Lawyers at Rob Levine & Associates allow you to bring forth your issues and queries and help you make a case that can win in court.

We guide you with paperwork and help you argue your case with experienced lawyers from day one! Contact us for more information.

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