‘Bomb Cyclone’ Causes Major Issues Throughout the East Coast

‘Bomb Cyclone’ Causes Major Issues Throughout the East Coast

This past Thursday, a giant snowstorm hit the East Coast which caused terrible weather conditions. During the bomb cyclone, there was heavy snow, wind, and below freezing temperatures, this affected Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut heavily. The combination of wind, snow, and ice caused terrible road conditions and safety issues. The aftermath of the storm was just as bad, bringing below freezing temperatures and safety hazards to the public.

During the storm, there were reports of up to 18 inches of snow and wind gusts of over 70 mph. Much of the East Coast shut down, closing roads, schools, offices, etc. Ten states reported a foot of snow, but the weather was icy and frigid for the entire coast. The nor’easter also caused high tides and coastal flooding, leaving many neighborhoods on the shoreline of Massachusetts engulfed in icy waters.

The storm left piles of snow, frigid cold weather, terrible road conditions and safety hazards everywhere you looked. CBS News reported that 22 people have died from the storm and the freezing temperatures. The hazardous road conditions caused thousands of car accidents and injuries including a 2. Many people were out of power and states were creating warming centers to keep people safe.

The National Weather Service issued wind chill advisories and freeze warnings this week in areas all over the nation from New England to California. It is important to be aware of these advisories and take the necessary precautions to prevent personal injury. During this terribly cold winter, it is integral to stay safe, or off, the roads and to use precaution to avoid slip and falls.

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