The Breakdown of Car Accident Attorney Fees

The Breakdown of Car Accident Attorney Fees

Enlisting the help of a car accident attorney to file an accident claim can be helpful when pursuing a fair settlement from an insurance company or defendant. Your lawyer will help guide you through each step of the process and ensure you exercise your rights under state laws.

Of course, in order to utilize the services of an attorney, you must agree to a certain payment structure in order to compensate him or her for legal services. And if you are interested in hiring an attorney for help filing a claim, make sure you understand how car accident attorney fees work and the various fees you might encounter when filing your claim.

Most Car Accident Attorney Fees are on a Contingency Basis

Most attorneys who handle personal injury cases like car accidents work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the lawyer only collects a fee if the client recovers compensation for damages. The agreed-upon fee is a percentage of the damages collected. So the higher the settlement or judgment, the higher the fee.

This allows injured people to hire an attorney even if they may be otherwise unable to afford one. If the attorney does not recover a settlement, he or she doesn’t get paid. But injured parties should be aware of the various fees for which they might ultimately be responsible when pursuing a car accident case.

Common Fees in the Car Accident Claims Process 

Make sure you understand the car accident attorney fees agreement before proceeding with your case. This may detail who is responsible for various fees and costs that you might encounter when filing a claim.

  • Medical reports: One of the central issues of most car accident claims is the nature and extent of the injuries. In a car accident case, the injured party must show proof of injuries with medical records. A medical provider may charge a fee to make copies of and send the medical records.
  • Expert witness fees: In some cases, the injured party’s attorney may use testimony from expert witnesses who can shed light on a specific situation. Because of their expertise in their respective fields, they may ask for significant fees.
  • Police report requests: A police report can be an invaluable piece of evidence in a car accident case because it may help identify the liable party. And in many cases, the police department will require a fee, albeit generally small, for copies of the police report.
  • Other charges and fees: An attorney may hire someone to conduct an accident investigation if necessary or may have to travel to investigate the case. Other charges, such as postage or filing fees, may be factored into the payment agreement.


Discuss who is responsible for paying these and other fees with the car accident lawyer and whether the car accident attorney’s fees will include these charges.

Understand the Legal Fees Before You Begin 

If injured in a car accident, contact an attorney for help and to review the details of your case. Before you begin, it is imperative that you understand the specifics of the car accident attorney fees and for what amount you will be responsible.

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