Child Passenger Safety Week

Baby in car seat- child passenger safety week

Child Passenger Safety Week

National Child Passenger Safety Week

The week of September 23rd through the 29th is Child Passenger Safety Week. The National Child Passenger Safety Board reports that every 33 seconds a child 13 years or younger is involved in a crash. The NHTSA reports that car crashes are the leading cause of death for children ages 1-13. This is why it is integral that parents are well informed about the safety precautions that are needed while a child is in a car.

Car Seat Types

There are different types of car seats based on the child’s age and their needs. These recommendations are an estimate from the NHTSA. Do not move to the next stage of car seat until your child has fully physically grown into the requirements. Always make sure that your car seat works with your car and is installed properly.

Rear-Facing Car Seat From Birth To 1-Year-Old

Crash force is distributed around the shell of the rear-facing car seats. This is the safest way to transport an infant or baby.

Forward- Facing Car Seat from 1-3 Years Old

This allows the child to sit in the proper direction of the car. Make sure when using this type of car seat that the child is securely strapped in with the harness.

Booster Seat from 4-7 Years Old

When the weight or height limits are maxed out on a front-facing car seat it is time for a booster seat. This positions the child so that the seatbelt properly secures them in the vehicle.


Children are ready to wear seat belts only when the seatbelt goes across their chest and shoulder (not hitting their face or neck). The lap belt should fit snuggly. Parents and adults driving children need to be attentive in ensuring that the kids have their seatbelts on during any commute.

In any scenario, seatbelts are important and will lower your risk of injury during a crash. Stay safe on the roads and practice car seat safety!

Keep your children safe. If you have been hurt in a car accident visit us today.


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