A Comprehensive Social Security Disability Application Checklist

A Comprehensive Social Security Disability Application Checklist

Nobody wants to be out of work because of a medical condition. However, in such cases it is important to remember that there are ways to supplement your income, like applying for Social Security disability benefits. In 2012, the Social Security Administration, or SSA, paid benefits to about 61.9 million people in the United States.

Most have heard that applying for Social Security disability benefits is an arduous process with many components that, if done incorrectly, could endanger your Social Security disability benefits claim. That is why knowing what information to gather, how to present it, and to whom to present it before you begin the Social Security disability benefits application process is vital. Below are documents offered by the SSA that can help.

Checklist of Items Necessary to Apply for Disability Benefits 

The Checklist for Online Adult Disability Application, which can be found on the SSA’s website, provides a comprehensive list of information the SSA requires when you apply for Social Security disability benefits.

The checklist includes: 

  • birth and citizenship Information;
  • marriage and divorce information
  • names and birth dates of children;
  • U.S. military service information;
  • employment information for the last two years;
  • bank account information;
  • contact information for a third party reference;
  • information about doctors, healthcare professionals, hospitals and clinics;
  • medical records available from vocational rehabilitation services, workers’ compensation, public welfare, prison or jail, an attorney or lawyer, or another place;
  • job history; and
  • education and training.


All the information required by the SSA is used to review your Social Security disability claim. It is important to report this information honestly, as the SSA will be sure to check the information you provided. Also speak with a legal professional who can help you ensure you gather all of this and other information you may need to prove your disability and qualifications for disability benefits.

Other Medical Information to Gather for Your Application

You can fill out the Medical and Job Worksheet for adults pursuing disability benefits as well. This allows you to organize your medical and employment information for your in-person or telephone appointment.

The information on the worksheet includes: 

  • medical conditions – a list of your physical and mental conditions;
  • date you stopped working – this applies if you are not currently working;
  • height and weight;
  • medical sources – including any doctors, hospitals, etc.
  • medicines – a list of medications that you are taking, why you are taking them, and who prescribed them;
  • medical tests – tests you underwent or will undergo and who sent you; and
  • job history – including type of business, dates you worked there, hours per day and days per week, and your rate of pay.


You can employ your attorney’s help in preparing this and other documentation and organizing it for your application and appointment with the SSA. You may have to contact your doctor for information to ensure you accurately fill out the worksheet as well.

Rob Levine & Associates Can Help You Prepare Your Claim

The SSA offers disability interviews over the phone and in person and recommends that you file your application promptly. You can find these documents on the SSA’s website. However, even with the correct information, many still benefit from the assistance of a lawyer.

For some applicants, having an attorney on your side when filing for Social Security disability makes the processes smoother and easier. Rob Levine & Associates can help you prepare your application and file your claim. Call Rob Levine, the Heavy Hitter®, at 866-LAW-SSDI.

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