Drive Sober! Don’t Test Your Luck This Saint Patrick’s Day

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Drive Sober! Don’t Test Your Luck This Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular and celebrated holidays around the world. On this occasion, you may witness entire streets painted green with one thing or another. However, during the celebrations, many people may forget to drive sober! 

This Irish holiday is also associated with boisterous parades, bold drinks, and unique food varieties. Since celebration usually involves letting go and having fun, some people may forget to drive sober. This can lead to fatal drunk driving incidents.  

You can still enjoy Saint Patrick’s day without choosing to drive drunk. The sections below list some of the easy ways to drive sober and enjoy the event. You don’t have to risk driving drunk! Here are some consequences you might face with drunk driving; 

The Need for a Car Accidents Lawyer: Rhode Island 

Why would you need a car accident lawyer? You can prevent many lawsuits involving drunk driving accidents if you drive sober.  

According to the NHTSA, 11,654 deaths were caused by drunk driving car accidents in 2020. The worst effect is experienced by people who weren’t drunk in the first place. They just happened to be innocent pedestrians trying to cross the road.  

Nowadays, incidents involving drunk driving have increased by a large margin. Many individuals tend to enjoy their night at a Saint Patrick’s Day party, get into their car with a high Blood Alcohol Limit, and run over innocent people trying to cross the road. This can change the lives of a family forever.  

If you are wondering what the Legal Blood Alcohol limit is to drive, the specific number is 0.08%. However, this is only for people who are 21 years or older. Moreover, it is important to drive sober even if you have a lower Blood Alcohol Limit.  

This is because the Blood Alcohol Limit can change depending on your weight, the food you ate that day, any medications you are on, and your age. All of these factors can cause one person to act normal at one Blood Alcohol Limit and another to lose control at the same limit.  

Failing to Drive Sober: The Consequences 

Drunk driving should be avoided, not just for the safety of others on the road but also for your own. On Saint Patrick’s Day, many law enforcement agents work to prevent drunk drivers from stepping out onto the road. If you are drunk driving, you might be stopped and subjected to a Breathalyzer.  

In case your Blood Alcohol Limit exceeds a certain point, you might be arrested. The consequences are determined based on your age. Keep in mind that a DUI on your record might impact many opportunities in your future. 

You may face a jail sentence in the present that impacts your driver’s license. However, injuring someone often leads to worse jail sentences and permanent records. A simple DUI can take you further away from many career opportunities in the future.  

Since drunk driving cases can be tricky, you might need to contact a personal injury lawyer. Rhode Island’s laws on drunk driving are just as strict as other states. However, good lawyers can help you navigate the consequences.  

How to Avoid Drunk Driving 

Avoiding drunk driving altogether can help you escape a lawsuit by default. Here are some steps you can take to drive sober on Saint Patrick’s Day; 

  1. Setting Rules 

Most people make it a rule never to go clubbing or visit a party without a predetermined designated driver. Usually, people choose to divide days and holidays and encourage one of their friends to remain sober for the day. They may also choose someone who avoids alcohol altogether.  

Choosing a designed driver won’t just help you drive sober. It can also add to your fun as you have someone to take care of you throughout the party. Moreover, celebrations are more fun with friends anyways.  

You can also set other rules, such as avoiding getting into a car with someone who has been drinking. The stricter this rule, the safer you will be. You may also encourage the person to avoid drinking and driving in the future.  

  1. Avoiding the Worst 

If you have already been drinking for a while and don’t have a designated driver, you can choose to avoid the worst. This means you must leave that car where you parked it and walk off to do some damage control.  

Start by consuming food the first chance you get. This can help you sober up and make much better decisions. You can also explore other options, such as Uber or Lyft, to get home. Try to figure out if you can share a ride with someone and get home safely. You can worry about that parked car later! 

Another great idea is to spend the night at the party. If it has been hosted by your friend and you have the choice, try not to step out into the night. A drunk mind can make plenty of bad decisions. It is best to stay put or call a friend and request them to drive you home.  

  1. The Future 

Setting some rules and safety nets for the future can help you avoid making bad decisions. When celebrating during a holiday, it is essential to drink responsibly.  

You can note a limit and set one for yourself once you notice you have been drinking a lot. Moreover, keep snacking on something, as eating food can lower the effects of alcohol and cause you to feel less sick or drunk. 

If you have experienced a crash or a DUI, you might need a car accident lawyer. Rhode Island can offer you many great opportunities. You just need to explore an option that works best for you! 

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If you have come across a drunk driving lawsuit and are finding it hard to navigate the details, it is important to place your trust in an experienced car accidents lawyer. Rhode Island has some of the best lawyers to fight your case.  

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