What should I do after a dog bite incident?

What should I do after a dog bite incident?

  • If you are bitten by a dog, first, dial 911 let them know you were bitten by a dog and ask them to have the police, rescue, and animal control officer respond to the location you were bitten.
  • If there was a witness to the incident, ask the witness to stay until the police arrive. Make sure to get the witness’s information in case they need to leave. Obtain a copy of their identification and a photo of them. Take a picture of the dog and its owner.
  • If you were not bit inside the home or on his/her property, find out where the owner lives. Find out who owns the property on which the dog lives.
  • Once the police arrive, be sure to give a thorough statement as to what happened. Ensure the police talk to any witnesses and take their statements. If a witness had to leave, ensure you give the police the witness’s information and ensure he lists it on the report.
  • If you are injured, once the rescue arrives, never refuse medical attention and have the rescue transport you to the nearest or most appropriate hospital.

Remember, the key to any case is document, document, document; and a picture is worth a thousand words.

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