Firework Recall and Personal Injury Compensation

Firework Recall and Personal Injury Compensation

Firework Recall and personal injury compensation

A good fireworks show can help create amazing memories on special occasions such as the Fourth of July. These pyrotechnic devices have complex structures designed to show off many vibrant colors when they explode. However, fireworks manufacturers occasionally recall their products. You may be entitled to injury compensation if you were injured due to a faulty firework that was recalled.

So how often do fireworks recalls happen? It’s difficult to say since such recalls don’t occur regularly. However, they happen often enough that they are worth taking notice of.

Let’s examine what a firework recall is, why they happen, and how you can receive injury compensation for a firework-related injury.

What is a Firework Recall?

A firework recall is similar to any other type of product recall. A manufacturer or a government agency discovers that a product violates certain safety standards. They then recall the product. This means people who have purchased the fireworks are requested to return them to the manufacturer.

Doing so keeps you safe and entitles you to a product exchange or a refund.

The Dangers of Ignoring a Firework Recall

Fireworks certainly aren’t playthings. These are dangerous pyrotechnic devices designed to be used in a very specific way. In fact, most firework manufacturers outline careful instructions on how their products should or shouldn’t be used.

Fireworks can be dangerous, even when used properly. So, attempting to use a firework that the manufacturer or a safety agency has deemed unsafe is reckless.

For example, GS Fireworks recalled their products in 2019, offering customers a full refund. They recalled these fireworks due to overloading them with pyrotechnics. The manufacturer’s original goal was to create fireworks with an audible effect. However, the end-product posed a burn and explosion hazard to customers.

Anyone that ignored this firework recall and chose to use the product would be placing themselves and others in harm’s way. Fireworks have the potential to cause grave injuries to people and property, so it is best to use only safe and approved ones.

Attempting to use a firework you know is faulty also makes you liable for the damages the firework causes. For this reason, you should abide by a firework recall and return the product as soon as possible.

Firework Recalls and Injury Compensation

Firework recalls are especially vital due to the huge danger faulty fireworks present. Unfortunately, some manufacturers don’t realize their products are faulty until multiple people have been harmed.

It’s not uncommon for product recalls to occur only when there have been multiple reports of injuries. Many manufacturers choose to ignore user complaints until the issue has gained widespread attention. This includes media attention or online campaigns.

If you’re one of the people injured by fireworks before the manufacturer has put out a recall, you may be entitled to injury compensation. This compensation will help cover the cost of any medical treatment you underwent due to your firework-related injury. It also includes additional compensation for any mental distress or loss of income you experienced.

Understanding Liability for Firework Injuries

Liability for firework injuries doesn’t always lie with the manufacturer. In fact, the person setting off the fireworks is liable for their injuries in most cases. This is because the law sets fairly high standards for anyone operating these pyrotechnic devices. It is believed that anyone who willingly chooses to use fireworks understands their responsibility and engages in safe handling practices.

Based on this, you might wonder how you could be entitled to compensation from a firework injury. As mentioned earlier, the fault for the injury could shift to the manufacturer if they sold you a faulty product. You may have an especially strong case if they put out a firework recall only after your injury.

In other words, the manufacturer is liable because they didn’t inform you of the dangers that this specific batch of fireworks presented.

You should note that this is only one specific scenario. It assumes that your injury occurred as you set off a faulty firework. The matter becomes more complicated if your injury occurred due to faulty firework that someone else set off.

For example, let’s say a stray firework your neighbor set off in their yard strikes and injures you. In this situation, you aren’t liable for the injury as you didn’t set off the firework and were a safe distance away from the launch site. However, understanding whether your neighbor or the firework manufacturer was responsible is more difficult to determine.

How RLA Can Help You Get Injury Compensation

Understanding who is liable for fireworks injuries isn’t easy. This is why it is important to turn to professionals who understand these matters and help you file an injury claim.

It can be tempting to reach out to the first car accident lawyer, auto accident lawyer, or motor vehicle accident lawyer for assistance in this area. However, it is better to turn to personal injury lawyers that have experience dealing with firework-related injury claims.

At Rob Levine & Associates, we understand the extreme distress that any fireworks-related injury presents. This includes both physical and mental distress as well as financial loss. We have helped numerous clients who lost out on many weeks of work due to firework-related injuries. No one deserves to suffer due to an accident when they weren’t at fault. So, consider contacting us to fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve.

You should always read the fireworks manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to use their products.

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