Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for a Concussion?

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Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for a Concussion?

If you recently suffered a concussion and were advised to hire a lawyer, you might wonder why you need one. You may think that a concussion is nothing major and that hiring a lawyer may lead to unnecessary complications.  

Concussions are considered major head injuries and can lead to different issues in the long term. Despite most concussions settling on their own, some can cause serious problems. Moreover, a concussion also leads to significant inconvenience and impact on physical and mental health in the short term.  

Even if your concussion wasn’t a major one, you might have had to visit a doctor, take a day off work, and bear some level of pain. In case this concussion was caused by another, you can file a lawsuit and get compensated for the damages. Often, this money can help you get better care. 

Can I Hire a Lawyer for a Concussion?  

When contacting a personal injury law firm, Rhode Island, you might wonder whether you should hire a lawyer in the first place. Is your concussion bad enough for your case to be considered?  

Let us assure you that all kinds of personal injuries that lead to a concussion can be taken to court. You can ask for compensation as this injury has had a major impact on your health. Any personal injury that has been caused by another person due to reckless behavior can be compensated.  

Here are some common causes of a concussion; 

  • Being injured in a car crash or motorcycle incident where another person is at fault 
  • Having fallen over due to a car incident, colliding with an object, or a person 
  • Experiencing a head-on collision with another object or person 
  • Experiencing a blow to the head through a falling object 
  • Being injured in the head while playing a sport 
  • Experiencing a major assault that resulted in a blow to the head 

Keep in mind that you may only qualify for compensation if the concussion has occurred at someone else’s fault entirely. This compensation will be taken from the person’s insurance or their own pocket.  

If you are still confused about whether you qualify, here are some possible scenarios that can give you a better idea; 

  • You were walking along the road when you were suddenly hit by a car which caused you to fall over and hit the pavement.  
  • You were hit in the head by a falling cement block as you passed near a construction site.  
  • You were injured by a product that has been discontinued from the market.  
  • You were intentionally or violently injured by a player during a sports event. 
  • You experienced assault which led to a major blow to the head and a concussion. 

Regardless of the scenarios, you can hire a lawyer simply to evaluate your case. Lawyers don’t just help you fight a case but also understand whether it will hold in court. If you are confused, begin your journey by contacting personal injury lawyers, Rhode Island.  

How Can Hiring a Lawyer Help?  

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t just help you fight the case. Once you win the compensation, you can fund all your expenses and eliminate the worry that emerges due to hospital bills. Some of the expenses covered have resulted from the concussion itself.  

You are entitled to this compensation because you experienced this injury due to no fault of your own. Thus, you deserve to have some of the burdens lifted. You can receive; 

  1. In-patient compensation: This is the money you receive for any hospital bills you had to pay while you were receiving care inside the hospital. It usually includes the immediate care you receive the first time you visit.  
  1. Outpatient compensation: This involves the care received outside the hospital. It can include anything from psychological evaluation and care, to rehabilitation.  
  1. Work compensation: If you experienced a concussion, you might have missed some time off work. A lawsuit can also compensate you for this.  
  1. Long-term effects: If the concussion poses a long-term danger or major side effects, you can also receive compensation for the daily activities that you might not be able to perform. This also includes any professional work that you cannot perform anymore.  
  1. Violent conduct: If you experienced an assault or an injury due to intentional harm, you can file further lawsuits and get more compensation for the damages.  

Contacting a personal injury law firm, Rhode Island, doesn’t just get you the compensation. It ensures a smoother process. This takes away some of your stress. 

Why Hire a Lawyer

Filing a lawsuit against someone who caused you harm, intentionally or unintentionally, can be a difficult task. Handling the paperwork and the complicated proceedings while taking care of a concussion can become impossible.  

Personal injury lawyers are well-equipped to understand your unique situation and requirements and get you the compensation you deserve. They are able to better analyze the events and contact any parties that can add strength to your case. Moreover, they also have the knowledge to help you understand the proceedings better.  

Hire a Lawyer for a Concussion

Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm, Rhode Island 

A law firm can get you that compensation money and connect you with the other party formally and legally. This removes the burden from you and places it on them. Lawyers can also step into your shoes in court and argue your case in a language suited to the proceedings.  

A concussion isn’t a small deal. Some of the consequences might stay with you for life. It is important to get the compensation you deserve. Rob Levine’s legal team can help you prepare a case and experience an organized and stress-free journey as you fight for compensation. Contact us today for the best lawyers in Rhode Island.  

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