Housing Assistance Programs for the Disabled

Housing Assistance Programs for the Disabled

Individuals with disabilities often cope with many challenges in life. Finding safe and affordable housing can be a struggle for disabled individuals and their families. Medical expenses, expensive medications or durable medical equipment can add up quickly, making other life expenses unmanageable and overwhelming.

Disabled individuals can seek assistance for housing expenses through a variety of different programs. While the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is the largest and most widely accessible of the housing assistance programs, there are some other possibilities to consider as well. The following list of resources may be helpful if you are disabled or have a disabled family member and are seeking housing assistance.

HUD Section 811 Housing Assistance Program 

Titled the Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities program, HUD developed Section 811 to provide the funding needed to support the development and subsidizing of safe and supportive housing options for low-income disabled adults. The program is special in the way that it not only strives to offer access to safe and affordable housing, but it incorporates access to critical services for disabled adults.

HUD contributes to this effort in the way of capital advancements (interest-free) or operating expenses to non-profit developers of public housing developments for the disabled. In addition, HUD provides funding to state agencies for rental assistance for multi-family disabled housing.

The goal of the Section 811 program is to allow disabled individuals to live as independently as possible within a safe, affordable and secure environment.

To qualify for Section 811, the family must meet certain prerequisites. 

  • low income requirements.
  • one family member must be at least 18 years of age.
  • and, the family must have at least one member with a serious disability.


HUD Rental Housing Assistance Programs 

HUD offers reduced rental housing via three types of housing assistance programs, which are available to people with low income regardless of disability.

First, HUD’s privately-owned subsidized housing program helps apartment owners offer lowered rent agreements to low-income tenants by subsidizing the rental payment.

Second, HUD funds the development and maintenance of public housing developments, which provide affordable apartments to individuals with disabilities, the elderly or low-income families.

Finally, HUD’s voucher program (better known as Section 8) allows residents to find their own housing. Individuals with Section 8 are provided a “voucher” or dollar amount of assistance to offset some or all of the rent each month.

Certain Development Vouchers 

Certain development vouchers are provided to families who do not include an elderly person but do include a disabled family member. HUD distributes these vouchers to families who do not receive assistance currently, are eliminated from eligibility for certain housing developments because of owner preferences, and need help finding alternative affordable housing.

State Voucher Programs

Each state typically also offers housing assistance programs. These programs vary in their requirements and benefits, but many states have additional programs in place for housing assistance for the disabled.

Examples of state residence assistance programs. 

  • Connecticut Department of Housing.
  • Massachusetts Department of Housing and Economic Development.
  • and, the Rhode Island Division of Planning.


The National Supportive Housing Network 

This organization is a non-profit entity that works to ensure that disabled individuals have access to affordable housing. The Network offers affordable housing options that are equipped with accommodations for the disabled as well as supportive services.

Rob Levine & Associates Can Help with Disability Benefits

Families or individuals facing the challenges of living with a disability are often entitled to assistance to help offset the costs of living. Housing assistance programs are an important service that can improve the lives of disabled people.

Meanwhile, Rob Levine & Associates helps individuals in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts pursue Social Security disability benefits available to them. Call 866-LAW-SSDI to set up a consultation.

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