May 2022 Recalls

May 2022 Recalls

Over 20,000 children’s transportation products are recalled due to safety concerns. Columbus Trading-Partners USA, Inc, a children’s car seat and stroller manufacturer, is recalling their CYBEX Sirona M Convertible Child Car Seats model as concerns grow over choking hazards. The concern comes from the Headrest Pad attached to the seat that sits behind the child’s head for support. The Headrest Pad is made from foam that can be easily ripped off the Headrest Pad. A loose piece of foam can present a choking risk for small children. The recall covers the CYBEX Sirona M Convertible Child car seat manufactured between November 3, 2017, and August 31, 2018. The recall models include numbers 518000385, 518002153, 518000387, 518002145, 518002149, 518002151, and 519000211. CYBEX is remedying this by sending customers a repair kit to fix the recalled product. This Kit will come with instructions to seal the headrest foam. Repair instructions are said to be mailed out by May 9, 2022. Customers may contact the manufacturer at 1-877-242-5676 for any questions or concerns. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline is open for questions at 1-888-327-4236.

FDA confirms recall of freshly packed Organic Green Beans due to findings of Listeria. Hippie Fresh Organics manufactured by Alpine Fresh Inc, of Doral Fl, recalls 1-pound packages of Green Beans found in Whole Foods, Aldi, and LIDL stores nationwide. Although no illnesses have been reported, testing found that packages marked with lot numbers 313-626 were positive for the presence of Listeria monocytogenes. The bacteria is commonly found in infected vegetables and fruits. If ingested, symptoms include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, severe headache, body aches, and stiffness. Listeria infections can be fatal to children or individuals with a compromised immune system. Alpine Fresh and FDA urge consumers to check their packaged goods and return them for a refund or disposal of it immediately.  Consumers with concerns or further questions may contact Alpine Fresh at 866-827-3362.

Amazon recalls Children’s School Classroom Stack Chairs after multiple customer reports of broken chairs. As of April 28, the AmazonBasics School Classroom Stack Chairs were recalled due to a fall hazard that can lead to injury. The recall is concerning the welding on the frame of the seat that binds the legs to the seat of the chair. With the unstable weld, there is a risk that the chair will not support a body and break as a child sits. Although no one has been severely injured, more than 55 reports of broken chairs were made. The Classroom Stack Chairs were previously sold online at from January 2019 through January 2022 for prices between $128 and $190. Amazon urges consumers to immediately stop using the chairs and contact Amazon for instructions on how to dispose of the product for a full refund. Contact Amazon’s toll-free line at (877)- 882-0606. Available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or online at

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