Medical Malpractice Claim – How To Be Successful

Medical Malpractice Claim – How To Be Successful

medical malpractice

A medical malpractice claim involves a patient accusing a health care provider of being negligent. In medical malpractice cases, negligence is defined as the healthcare professional not following the standard care practices for a procedure, either by accident or on purpose. These cases can range from a doctor not delivering a baby correctly to a nurse not prescribing the correct medicine. The medical field is held to a high set of standards because mistakes can lead to severe injuries and even death for their patients.

Steps to Filing Medical Malpractice Claim:

The first step is to find an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to represent you. Rob Levine & Associates have represented many victims just like you. Your attorney will investigate your claim and help you understand the legal side of things. After deciding to make a medical malpractice claim, you will need to find an experienced medical expert that can back up your claims by providing their opinion on how the health care provider did. The medical expert will address two questions that are central to any medical malpractice case:

  • Did the health care provider follow the standard of care for doctors in the same position?
    Did the health care provider fail to follow the standard of care injure the patient?
  • The more complicated a medical procedure is or more complex a situation becomes, the court will rely more and more on the testimony of the expert witness.

In medical malpractice cases, it is vital to seek assistance so that you have the best chance of coming out with a quality settlement. Your lawyer will be the prime negotiator with the insurance company that represents the healthcare professional. A majority of these cases do not go to court, so it is important to be able to rely on your lawyer to get you a fair settlement.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a medical malpractice case contact Rob Levine & Associates for help today!

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