Motorcycle Tips for Spring Time

Motorcycle Tips for Spring Time

Motorcycle tips

As daylight savings time begins the weather is also changing to spring. Over the next couple of weeks, motorcycle owners will bring their bikes out of storage and want to get out on the roads to enjoy the warmer weather. In the past couple months, many first time riders would have bought their bikes during the offseason, this article is for you but can also be a reminder to veteran motorcyclists and anyone interested in motorcycles.


Maintenance Tips

One of the main safety concerns with pulling a motorcycle that has been in storage for 4 months and trying to ride it is that a lot can happen is that time. Here is a list to help you get ready for motorcycle season.

  • Check your fuel tank, this includes changing your fuel filter and double checking fuel lines for crackers or leaks.
  • Changing the oil
  • Filling up all necessary fluids if any are below half.
  • Battery: some people take out the battery while in storage so it can charge or just be ready to be replaced come spring.
  • Tires: kicking your tires will give you a good understanding of their condition. Look for cracks or pressure problems.
  • Checking your brakes and brake fluid levels
  • Test all electrical controls
  • Make sure your insurance is up to date
  • Then you are ready to go on a test ride


New Driver Safety

As we transition from winter into spring, motorcycle owners should know of salt, sand and other debris that are a product of winter storm safety. Many drivers have gotten out of the habit of looking for motorcycles when changing lanes, because of the colder weather. Newer riders and veteran riders shouldn’t assume other vehicles know where they are. It is better to be safer than sorry.


What Other Drivers Need To Do

Car and truck owners must know of their blind spots and check before changing lanes so they do not collide with a motorcyclist. Road safety is all about being aware of your surroundings and not assuming too much. Enjoy the warmer weather in a couple weeks and have a safe time on the roads.

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