National Day of Giving

National Day of Giving

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to reflect on all that we are thankful for. With all the festivities, family, and food, it’s easy to forget the millions of people who struggle to provide this for their families. On this National Day of Giving, take the time to say thank you to those who support you and ensure love and stability in your home.

The unfortunate reality is Thanksgiving, can be much more of a stress point than a comforting experience. This is because many people struggle to prepare for these events due to a lack of resources. Some families don’t know what they’re going to make for dinner any given day of the week, let alone a full course spread for the holidays. It’s important that as a community, we do what we can do to help our neighbors out. Here are some ways to give back this Thanksgiving

Food Banks

Local food banks are in need more than ever this time of year. Volunteers and community leaders work overtime to make sure everyone has enough to eat for the holiday season. Donations are very much appreciated from food, hygiene products, and gift cards. If you find yourself with an excess amount of canned goods or boxed goods reach out to a food bank near you to find out when and where you can drop off these items.

Homeless Shelters

Community members who are homeless have a different experience during the holidays. The lack of shelter is attributed to health and safety risks distracting them from the holiday spirit we enjoy as a country. When we think of homelessness we often think of independent individuals, but there is a high rate of homeless families right here in our state. Rent is increasing all over the state forcing many parents out on the street with their children. Donating clothes, meals, toiletries, and your time to shelters throughout RI is a fulfilling way to give back this year.

Thanksgiving Dinner Delivery

Everyone deserves a wonderful thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings! Rob Levine & Associates sees this need and works to build up our local communities this holiday season. Every year Rob Levine & Associates pays it forward to families all over RI and Southeast Massachusetts. The Monday before Thanksgiving, Rob Levine, and his team prepare and deliver Thanksgiving dinner baskets to families in need. The program ensures 500 thanksgiving dinners that include a turkey and all the other Thanksgiving fixings.

If you are someone or know someone who is struggling to make ends meet this thanksgiving, please go to Rob Levine & Associates and register for a Thanksgiving dinner delivery this year. We are sure to help you make your holidays happen this year and years to come.

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