National Safety Blog Part 2 of 4: Wellness

National Safety Blog Part 2 of 4: Wellness

June is National Safety Month. The National Safety Council selected four important topics to discuss this month; emergency preparedness, wellness, falls and driving. Rob Levine & Associates would like to contribute to the conversation about these topics and give you helpful hints to avoid and address these situations.

Wellness- Rob Levine & Associates

A healthy lifestyle always includes wellness, mentally and physically. You entrust the products you purchase to be safe and work in the way they are supposed to. However, many times, products do not work efficiently and affect the wellness of you and your family. It is important to research the products you are using and be on the lookout for recalls to ensure your safety and wellness.

Any product can be defective, from motor vehicles and consumer products to food and medicine; there can always be errors in the manufacturing process that can increase the risk of the consumer. Therefore, whenever you buy, you should make sure you take precautionary measures to ensure that the product will not be a risk to your wellness.

Always Research The Product And The Manufacturer

It is always helpful to look online for reviews of the product to see if other customers have had issues with the product being unsafe or defective. This will allow you to make more responsible purchasing decisions. There are also many online resources that provide you with up-to-date recall listings of various consumer products.

What To Do If A Product You Purchased Is Defective

If you do happen to purchase a product that is defective it is important to take the necessary actions to return it and get refunded. When a product doesn’t work the way it is supposed to the company should send out a recall notice. This will give you further instructions on how they will fix the situation and ensure your safety.

Injury Due To A Defective Product

Faulty products can affect your wellness and cause severe and even fatal accidents. In instances such as these, it is important to have a trustworthy attorney that will help fight for your rights and get you the compensation that you deserve. If you or a loved one have been injured due to a defective product, contact Rob Levine & Associates today for a free consultation. We will help you understand the process and your options. Remember, our fee free policy ensures you don’t pay anything unless you win.

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