Reading Week 2021

Reading Week 2021

Rob Levine is honored to have participated in Reading Week once again with the 5th grade class at the Emma G. Whiteknact Elementary School in East Providence. While some students are attending class in person, others are attending class in a virtual setting. Rob Levine joined the class through video chat to discuss the topics of advocacy and persuasion in relation to the students’ most recent reading assignment.

Since April is Poetry Month, the students read a short nursery rhyme, Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty Off the Wall? by David Levinthal and with illustrations by John Nickle. The story follows a detective as he discovers whether Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall or if he was pushed. The story emphasizes the need for multiple perspectives to best understand a situation and the importance of advocating for what you believe in.

Rob stated, “We tell our story from our perspective in order to persuade the reader to see it from our point of view.”

Working as an attorney, Rob understands the art of persuasion better than most. The team at Rob Levine & Associates is constantly working to advocate for their clients. He encouraged the students to zealously advocate for what they believe in and to not give up when attempting to have someone understand their perspective.

The class had their persuasive writing skills put to the test with their latest assignment. The students wrote to the principal of the school, petitioning the installation of a Little Free Library on campus along with a request for 25 books to be donated to the school. Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that encourages book accessibility throughout the community through its book-sharing boxes. The 5th grade class was successful in their endeavors, receiving permission from the principal to have a Little Free Library book-sharing box installed at the school.

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