Update on the Latest Recalls

Update on the Latest Recalls

It is important to be aware of recalls for the products you own to limit the chance of injury to yourself and lower the risk of harm to others. If you stay informed about the products you are using you have a decreased probability of personal injury. Here are a few recently reported recalls:


Ford Motor Company is recalling certain 2017 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Vehicles. These may be missing inboard attachments for the second row of seats. Therefore, during a crash, the passenger seated here may not be adequately restrained.

Ford Motor Company is recalling certain 2016 Ford Escape vehicles. The driver’s knee air bag may not inflate as designed.

Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation is recalling select 2018 Lance Travel Trailers with adjustable utility receivers sold as optional or aftermarket equipment. Components such as a bicycle rack may make contact with the road if not properly supported. 

Lakota Corporation is recalling select 2018 Colt trailers. There is a possibility that parts of the furnace may not have been installed properly and, as a result, can create a build up in carbon monoxide in the trailer.


Britax Child Safety Incorporated is recalling select B-Safe 35 B-Safe Elite, and other B-Safe products. The chest clip tab may break which would cause a choking hazard.


American Kenda Rubber Industrial is recalling select Kenda Kenetica tires size P235/75R15 105S KR17. There may be space between the steel belt and undertread, which may then cause a sudden loss of tire pressure or tread separation.

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