Compensation for Head Injury by Recalled Helmets

Recalled helmets

Compensation for Head Injury by Recalled Helmets

When applying for compensation for head injuries caused by recalled helmets, you might wonder what a helmet injury is. Helmets are usually worn for our own protection during a road accident, so how can they end up causing harm?  

Bike helmets can cause injury to young children or even adults. It all depends on who is wearing the helmet in the first place. These helmets are also used in different situations. The more dangerous the event, the harder it becomes for the helmet to provide protection. 

However, helmets are beneficial in most cases. Since they protect the skull, contact with the road or pavement might not lead to a deadly injury. But recalled helmets might not succeed at this. It is because these helmets are faulty, which is why they have been removed from the market.  

What are Recalled Helmets? 

Before hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer, Rhode Island, and fighting a case for compensation, you might want to know the definition of recalled helmets. Recalled helmets are those helmets that have been discontinued or extracted from the market due to some fault.  

These helmets do not work as there is some specific problem in the manufacture or design. This problem was discovered at a later stage, which is the reason why they were recalled after being sold. Remember that recalled helmets will not provide adequate protection compared to other helmets.  

This can lead to a major injury. When you are riding around on your motorcycle, you are just as likely to experience an accident as any other driver on the road. A helmet of poor quality might break upon intense contact and fail to protect your head.  

You might not be able to notice any faults with the helmet at first glance. This is because the faults might not exist on the surface. However, do remember that if you knew the helmet was recalled and continued to use it anyways, you might not qualify for that compensation.  

Regardless, hiring personal injury lawyers, Rhode Island, can make it easy for you to fight for your compensation! 

Who Will Compensate Me for a Recalled Helmets Head Injury? 

Suppose you are involved in a bike accident and were injured due to a recalled helmet. Who is going to pay for that injury?  

If you are wearing a helmet that doesn’t work properly, you might as well take it off and throw it away. This is because it will not offer much protection in an accident. In fact, it might make the situation worse. You must ensure that any helmet you wear complies with safety guidelines. Helmets are as important for bikes as seatbelts are for cars! 

Helmet recalls usually occur if it is decided they are dangerous to drivers on the road. After a recall, the product is officially taken off the market, which includes all stores and manufacturers.  

Recalled helmets might reach a consumer through multiple sources. This is why the liability might differ. If the helmet was bought at a time when it hadn’t been recalled, it might be the company’s responsibility to compensate for it.  

However, in some cases, recalled helmets are sold by retailers who want to make a profit or sell those helmets that would otherwise be discarded. In this case, the retailer is responsible and must appear in court. Moreover, if you rented that helmet from a particular business and were wearing it at the time of the incident, you can also hold them responsible.  

Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Rhode Island

Hiring a lawyer can help you navigate a legal case’s complicated and difficult requirements. The more confusing the proceedings, the more likely you will back out of the case. However, with a great lawyer by your side, you can get compensated for the injuries you have faced. 

These include any debilitating or life-threatening injuries, impact on your work life, and hospital bills. Compensation can help you cover the losses and get better quickly. It can; 

  • Pay for your hospital bills or any expenses associated with rehabilitation 
  • Pay you the wages you lost for any days that you had to miss off work 
  • Pay for long-lasting conditions that force you to switch careers or reduce your quality of life 

Usually, lawsuits for product recalls involve either a judge or the liable party providing you with compensation. With a lawyer by your side, you can get that settlement done much faster and prevent the case from being dragged along.  

Recalled helmets lawsuits are especially tricky. You might need personal injury lawyers Rhode Island because jumping from one liable party to another can be hard. Moreover, sitting down with parties and performing negotiations is best done by someone with experience.  

If you have experienced a recalled helmets head injury, you can definitely get compensated for the damages. However, this will only come after an in-depth analysis of your case and extensive documentation. You might even need to contact a medical team or other parties to get the best outcome.  

This is best done by someone who knows exactly what they are looking for. A lawyer knows what kind of lawsuit you can file for, along with the party you can hold liable. A recalled helmets injury is best left to their expertise.  

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Recalled Helmets Head Injuries are Serious! We Can Help 

A head injury is a serious matter. You have already taken the first step by considering a lawsuit. To make the process easy for yourself, it is important to contact an experienced professional and let them analyze your case.  

Rob Levine & Associates can provide you experienced and qualified lawyers to take on your case and deal with the nitty-gritty details. Contact us for a smooth process and excellent customer support that answers all your important questions from day one! 

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