Rhode Island’s Children’s Wellbeing Initiative

Rhode Island’s Children’s Wellbeing Initiative


Providence has decided to implement a plan for improving children’s wellbeing after Rhode Island was ranked as one of the lowest states in the country for children’s wellbeing. According to the KidsCount data center, Rhode Island ranks at 31st for child wellbeing and 33rd for family and community engagement.

The research also concluded that over 33% of Rhode Island’s children’s parents lacked secure employment. Roughly 20% of the children are at or below the poverty line. All of these factors were related to a child’s general wellbeing and ability to succeed over the course of their lives.

One of Rhode Island’s short-term goals to increase children’s overall wellbeing include targeting vulnerable children through a kindergarten initiative that provides them with assistance and school supplies. This initiative also includes providing more assistance for necessary interventions, social worker visits and essential childcare.

The proposed five year plan will focus on the following:

  • Physical health and safety
  • Behavior and emotional security
  • Academic empowerment and career readiness
  • Social, cultural, and civic engagement
  • Family and community stability

The group has specific guidelines mapped out in order to track these key areas over the next couple years.

The updated findings of the plan’s benefits will be provided to the public each year in order to increase the reach of the project continually. With so many children being affected by the socioeconomic structure of their community and their families’ stability these plans seem like a much needed development for the future of Rhode Island’s children.

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