Rob Levine Kids Corner And Paw Sox Season Wrap-Up- Community Partnership

Rob Levine Kids Corner And Paw Sox Season Wrap-Up- Community Partnership

Rob Levine & Associates Community Outreach

Another great season has come to an end for the Paw Sox and the Rob Levine Kid’s Corner! For the past few years, Rob Levine & Associates has paired up with the Pawtucket Red Sox to create a truly wonderful partnership for the community. The Rob Levine’s Kids Corner has allowed community groups from all over Rhode Island. Each of them had the chance to  enjoy a Paw Sox game, courtesy of the firm.

A few weeks ago, we had the chance to go to McCoy to catch and hit on the field. We had the opportunity to invite some of our scholarship winners from the Rob Levine Ocean State Waves Baseball Camp. The kids started the day at the indoor batting cages.  Then, they fled to the field. Finally, they moved to the picnic the Paw Sox provided, all with smiles on their faces.

“It is awesome that we could go full-circle and combine two of our community outreach programs” says attorney Rob Levine. “Seeing these kids come to the Paw Sox stadium and show off what they learned at the Ocean Waves Summer camp is very cool.”

With the Paw Sox season coming to a close, Rob Levine & Associates wanted to thank everyone for another amazing summer. We truly enjoy supporting our community and providing kids with opportunity and exposure to these types of programs and events.

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