Rob Levine Safe Ride App Launches for Labor Day Weekend!

Rob Levine Safe Ride App Launches for Labor Day Weekend!

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Rob Levine & Associates is launching their Safe Ride App this Labor Day in Providence, RI.

– “Rob Levine Safe Ride App” available in all app stores and at

– On seven Holidays a year users can log on to the app and get a certificate for a free ride home that day/night.

– Click “Need a Ride?” for click-to-call participating taxi companies in their area once you get your certificate

– When the taxi arrives they just show the driver their phone with the certificate number on it. The driver will record that number and submit to Rob Levine & Associates to receive payment for the ride as well as a 20% tip.

– Participating Holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July

Currently launching in Providence only for Labor Day but will be opening up in additional cities on our next holiday, Thanksgiving Eve.

“We are dedicated to giving back to our community and we have developed several programs this year to help us with this mission. As a paramedic and after having been a police officer for many years I’ve seen first hand the tragic loss that drunk driving so often results in. We are trying to do our part to keep our community safe by offering an alternative to those who find themselves needing a ride after having one too many.” Rob Levine. See Rob’s recent appearance on The Rhode Show talking about the Safe Ride App:


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