Rob Levine’s ‘Flag Me Down for a FREE RIDE!’ Program Launches!

Rob Levine’s ‘Flag Me Down for a FREE RIDE!’ Program Launches!

Rob Levine's Free Ride
Ever wish there was a ‘free ride’ option when you are all the way down Lower Thames St. and you need to get back up past the Brick Alley Pub to your car – it’s hot and there are tons of people on the sidewalks? Or, how about downtown Providence when you’ve parked way down Thayer St. and it’s raining?

Rob Levine & Associates just launched a fun program that will solve those problems for you! The Rob Levine & Associates Free Ride Program has officially begun. If you see a Kia Soul driving down the road with the Rob Levine & Associates ‘wrap’ and a roof sign that says ‘Flag Me Down for a Free Ride’…do just that. Wave your hand in the air and one of the RLA drivers will pull over and give you a free ride! Stay on the lookout in Newport and Providence this Summer and you just might be lucky enough to cool down and enjoy a ‘Free Ride’.

Rob Levine & Associates specializes in Personal Injury throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability throughout the country. As “The Heavy Hitter ®” Rob Levine not only works hard on your case, but also believes in making a positive impact in the communities he serves. Through internal resources, education and volunteerism, Rob Levine & Associates strives to help prevent accidents, as well as raise awareness around the needs of our elderly and returning veterans. For more information visit, or call 401.529.1222 or toll free 800-529-1222.

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