Safe Driving During the Holiday Season

Safe Driving During the Holiday Season

Deadly traffic crashes are becoming more and more frequent due to a lack of safe driving. In fact, there has been nearly a 50 percent increase of fatalities on Rhode Island roads compared to last year. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation believes that the increase in crashes can partially be attributed to the increase of distracted driving. Now that the holiday season is upon us there are even more accidents predicted to occur. This is due to both the weather change and the increase in drunk driving during the holidays. From Christmas through New Years a total of 40 percent of fatalities nationwide involve an intoxicated driver. This along with the unfortunate death count on roads, makes it necessary to be sober, aware, and safe on the roads.

Put the Phone Down

Distracted driving is a main cause for the increase of fatalities on the road. Drivers are focused on their phone rather than the road and it is causing accidents. If people were concentrating on the task at hand they will be more prepared for a sudden stop, slip, etc

Be Aware of Weather Conditions

Snow and Ice are very frequent during the winter months, especially in New England. Take caution while on the roads by driving at a speed appropriate for the weather conditions. The more you are aware of the possible risks on the road the less likely you are to get into a car accident.

Do Not Drink and Drive

Drinking alcohol decreases your ability to function normally. When you get into a car after drinking, you are not only risking your life and the life of your passengers, but also everyone else’s life on the road with you. If you are going to drink, stay home, have a designated driver, or use a transportation service.

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