Second Annual Charity Softball Tournament for Children’s Wishes

Second Annual Charity Softball Tournament for Children’s Wishes

At Rob Levine & Associates we have a soft spot for kids, so any charity event that benefits our local children is sure to become a highlight in our office!

This summer we were a “Major League Sponsor” of the Second Annual Softball Tournament for Children’s Wishes. The event was held on July 27, 2013. Children’s Wishes is a local Rhode Island charity that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses.

Children’s Wishes has helped dozens of local families make their children’s wishes come true for:

family vacations;
meeting their heroes; or
getting their very own computers.

In addition to the double elimination style softball tournament, there was a home run derby for anyone who dared to swing a bat for a good cause, as well as live entertainment, food, and prize raffles.

Children’s Wishes is just one of the many local organizations we support as a part of our community involvement. Our greatest reward is seeing our efforts making direct improvements in our community. Whether we sponsor an event and help meet fundraising goals, or help provide another pair of helping hands at a community project, we know that our own prosperity grows when we share it with others!

Rob Levine & Associates is committed to helping our local community both personally and professionally. When we’re not out helping with fundraisers or charity events, we’re hard at work securing fair settlements and benefits for our clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for legal help – 800-529-1222.

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