Six Reasons Why Boating Accidents Occur.

Six Reasons Why Boating Accidents Occur.

Millions of adults and their families choose recreational boating for fishing, traveling from place to place, and just to relax during the summertime. When boating, some of the most common causes of accidents at sea include a distracted sea captain, excessive speed, and alcohol use. Here are the top six reasons why boating accidents occur.

Operator Inattention

Boat operators must be vigilant and monitor the boat, weather, and surroundings. Sometimes the conditions at sea change on a moment’s notice, which is why they must lookout for any signs of potential danger before they occur.

 Improper Lookout

A lookout’s most important job on a ship is to be aware of any changes that occur on the ship or the surrounding environment. They might act as the boat operator should the operator become injured or incapacitated for any reason (i.e medical emergency).

 Inexperienced Operator

When the United States Coast Guard released its annual report, it was found that the third most common cause of boating accidents was an inexperienced operator. A boat operator must know the basic rules of boating as well as remaining calm and knowing how to handle an emergency.

Violating The Rules Of the Sea

Driving a car comes with rules and so does operating a boat. Ignoring the rules could lead to accidents with other boats and even at sea. For example, if two power vessels are approaching each other head-on, they both must try to alter their course of travel safely as to not cause a collision. Another rule of the sea is remembering the imaginary line. This “line” helps boaters figure out if they are traveling up or downstream on a river. This is useful because it helps the operator of the boat become aware of his or her surroundings and they can make the necessary changes to avoid a collision. The imaginary line also helps the boat operator when entering a port or harbor since it tells them if they are passing the channel marks on the correct side of the harbor.


Weather can be unpredictable, which is why it is important to check it before you get on the boat and even at your destination. Doing so will keep you safe and ensure you are prepared with supplies, should an emergency occur.

Watercraft Accidents

Watercraft accidents are just as common as boating accidents. Nearly 70% of watercraft accidents occur due to collision with another boat. The other half of accidents occur due to an inexperienced operator, often misjudging speed, and distance. Watercraft injuries, as a result of an accident, can be serious and sometimes even fatal. Injuries can include broken limbs, broken teeth, and head trauma.

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