Springtime Safety: Motorcycle Accidents

Springtime Safety: Motorcycle Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, fatalities occur 27 times more frequently on motorcycles than in other vehicles. Motorcyclists have an increased risk on the road due to their size. Motorcycle accidents can lead to much more injury than typical accidents due to the lack of outer protection a motorcycle has. It is imperative that drivers and motorcyclists are aware of this risk while sharing the road in order to prevent accidents, injury, and death.

For Motorcyclists

It can be difficult for drivers of other vehicles to see motorcyclists or predict their movements; therefore necessary precautions must be taken to ensure you are being as safe as possible.

Become Educated

In order to legally drive a motorcycle, you must first receive your motorcycle license. The requirements vary by state, however, your local DMV can help you fill out the mandatory paperwork.

It is also useful to take a motorcycle safety course, which will educate you on tips to stay safe on the road. This is beneficial to help build and maintain your skillset as a motorcyclist. Always wear the proper gear and a helmet to ensure you are protected on the road.

Be Seen

Motorcycles are considerably smaller than most vehicles, therefore it is important to make sure you are noticed while driving on the road. Position yourself so that other drivers can see you. This means keeping a distance from the rear of vehicles, avoiding weaving in and out of traffic, always using your headlights, and wearing bright and reflective clothing.

Drive Responsibly

Reckless driving will lead to accidents and injury. Always follow the rules of the road. This means no speeding, swerving, bike tricks, etc. As a motorcyclist, you are already at a higher risk of accident while driving safe. Focus on the road and driving safe. Lastly, as always, never drive under the influence.

For Drivers

It is essential as drivers that you maintain focus on the road at all times. Often times in motorcycle and vehicle collisions it is the vehicle that violates the motorcyclists right of way. This is often because the driver does not see the motorcycle or that they do not anticipate the rider’s movements on the road. Stay focused on the road and always think that there will be a motorcycle present, this will help you prepare and respect their space when sharing the road.

When Motorcycle Accidents Happens

Unfortunately, when people do not follow safety precautions, accidents do occur. If you are involved in an accident follow these steps:

  1. Dial 911 and report the accident. Never just exchange information and leave the scene, ALWAYS call the police no matter how minor the accident is.
  2. If you are injured, do not get up unless you are in the line of traffic, stay on the ground and wait for the ambulance to arrive.
  3. Never move your motorcycle until the police arrive on the scene. If there is a witness on the scene, ask them to stay and talk to the police for you, but always get their name and number in case they disappear in the shuffle.
  4. Always insist the police officer talks to the witness and writes their name on the report. Often the police do not unless you insist.
  5. Call an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer so we can help.

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