Thank You, Veterans

Thank You, Veterans

According to USA Today, as of the end of 2018, there were roughly 18 million veterans in the United States. Since then, the number of veterans living in the United States has only continued to increase. This Veterans Day, the team at Rob Levine & Associates wishes to thank our veterans for the immeasurable sacrifices they have made to protect and serve our country.

Understand Their Sacrifice

While some sacrifices may seem obvious to those unaffected by military life, others often get overlooked. It is important to understand all the sacrifices that our veterans have made to properly honor them.

Mental and Physical Wellbeing. The dangers of military service are evident. The number of deaths among military members is astronomical, and the number of those wounded while serving is even greater. In addition, those veterans who made it home often struggle with debilitating mental conditions such as PTSD.

Family and Friends. Veterans were deprived of being able to see their loved ones regularly, a pleasure we often take for granted. Long periods of time and important milestones came and went, all while veterans continued serving their country.

Comfort. While you get to enjoy a home-cooked meal and fall asleep in your bed, remember that there are a great number of people who have voluntarily chosen to forgo these creature comforts to protect our country.

Thank You

Veterans Day occurs a single day out of the year, but it is important to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by veterans every day. Here are a few ways you can show your appreciation for veterans:

  • Say thank you
  • Ask a veteran about their service – and listen
  • Fly a flag (making sure to adhere to the proper position and manner of display)
  • Donate to one of the many organizations that give back to veterans

Rob Levine, a veteran himself having served three years as a military police officer in the Rhode Island Army National Guard, recognizes and greatly appreciates the sacrifices made by veterans.

“These are people that have sacrificed a piece of themselves for our country. They deserve our respect and dignity.” – Rob Levine

Out of the 18 million veterans living in the United States, 5 million were documented to have at least one disability. At Rob Levine & Associates, we continue to fight on the behalf of disabled veterans to get them the benefits they deserve. If you or someone you know is a veteran suffering from a disability and struggling to receive the proper disability benefits, contact us today so that we can help you find justice.

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