Thanksgiving: How we give thanks by giving back

Thanksgiving: How we give thanks by giving back

Giving back is equally as important to Rob Levine as his advocacy work and fighting for justice for his clients. The overall success of his law firm has allowed Rob to also become one of the most appreciated philanthropists in the local community. At Rob Levine & Associates, we believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. Each year we sponsor and participate in several events that share our commitment to helping others or promoting safety at home, on the road, or at work. Through our firm’s resources and volunteerism, we’ve helped raise awareness for driver, bicyclist, and pedestrian safety, as well as helped raise funds for causes such as Alzheimer’s disease and other life-threatening diseases affecting children. This year, Rob Levine & Associates has planned several events to give back to the community.

The Thanksgiving Dinner Program is a campaign for a cause put on by our firm to embrace our tradition of giving back. What began with the adoption of 25 families in 2015 has grown to giving 500 families dinners in our 7th year. Rob Levine & Associates partners with community organizations to deliver full Thanksgiving dinners to local families in need on Tuesday, November 22nd. Families who could benefit from a Thanksgiving dinner can either sign up themselves or be nominated while supplies last. “Any holiday – especially Thanksgiving – should be a time when children and their families can enjoy spending time together without any added financial stress…For many families, a turkey dinner is not financially possible. As a member of this community, we believe that we have a responsibility to give back to families in need.” Levine says. The Thanksgiving tradition started by the firm was established in Central Falls, a city dear to Levine’s heart- where he began his career in law enforcement. For Levine, the goal of this event is to continue to give back to families in the community for their betterment and growth.

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These philanthropic programs are only a small part of what Rob Levine & Associates gives back to our community. Our other initiatives include Designated Drivers and Safe Ride App, our Community Pay it Forward Program, and offering free cab rides during seven holidays from restaurants and bars within the Providence area. We are fortunate and thankful for the work we can do on behalf of our clients, and throughout the years we’ve taken on many initiatives aimed at giving back in ways that will enable us to help better the lives of families and children as well as our community.

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