Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

18-wheelers or semi-trucks have shaped the way shipping and handling is done in the United States and around the world. 18-wheelers have made it possible to buy and sell products nationally, supporting businesses and economic wealth the country was established on. Although these massive trucks have done so much good for the country’s capital gain, they have had some negative impacts on the environment and safety on the road. Injuries and fatalities associated with truck accidents in traffic remain at a high. Recently we have seen much devastation from accidents like this. As a truck driver, another car in traffic, or a victim of this kind of accident, it’s important to do your part in remaining safe on the road.


An 18-wheeler is a massive piece of machinery that can store various products from live animals to metals and equipment. This is one of the reasons utilizing these machines has been so beneficial to our country and the overall economy. We can move large amounts of items overnight with ease and efficiency. Often, we talk about the vehicle but forget that a human, just like you and I, is behind all that power and productivity. Truck drivers go through extensive training to establish safe and effective techniques to operate in all parts of the country. Unfortunately, even with thorough training accidents happen, and with a vehicle at this scale, these accidents often become tragedies.

Causes of Semi-truck Accidents:

1.)    Human error

2.)   Driver fatigue

3.)   Improper loading

4.)   Driver Inexperience

5.)   Hazardous weather conditions

As a driver, it’s important to know your limits on the road. Take care of yourself during long shifts. Stay hydrated, nourished, and alert always while operating an 18- wheeler. If you can’t maintain these standards do not drive. This is one of the reasons truck stops are readily available on all highways and why many large trucks come equipped with a bed or sleeping area.  Human error accounts for most of the accidents we see today. Regardless of if you are completely ready to drive, truck drivers must always be aware of other cars as at times commuters lack safety measures while driving next to semi- trucks.


As an everyday commuter, 18- wheelers can be intimidating to drive amongst, and rightfully so. With the immense size and weight of the truck, a car, even an average size truck, wouldn’t be able to stand a chance during a car accident.  Aside from property, victims in passing commuter cars are most negatively affected by an 18-wheeler accident. A common rule we see when it comes to driving among semi-trucks is to be considerate of wide turns, but this is not the only thing to keep in mind when it comes to safety.

It’s crucial for commuters on the roads to keep a safe distance from 18- wheelers or large delivery trucks. Do not tailgate an 18-wheeler and do not cut them off. Both actions leave you in the blind spot of the truck which can cause a tragic accident. Be patient with these trucks as they do not maneuver the same as a four-door sedan. This is beneficial for both parties as it ensures the trucks have plenty of room to safely move around if needed and gives the commuter time and space to get out of the way if there is an accident. 


Being a victim of a semi-truck accident can have lasting impacts on your life. Many people who are involved in these accidents do not live to tell the story. These unexpected losses can trickle down and have a negative impact on families and loved ones. If injuries or fatalities are a result of an 18-wheeler accident, you or your family may be owed compensation for the trauma and injuries sustained. Reach out to a professional to sort out the legalities of the situation while you cope and heal from injuries. Attorneys like Rob Levine specialize in personal injury and vehicle accidents and can support you every step of the way during this process. Contact Rob Levine & Associates for questions about your case and get the justice you deserve today!

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