Understanding your Veteran Administration (VA) Appeals Process

Understanding your Veteran Administration (VA) Appeals Process

You are a Veteran who applied for VA Disability Benefits. You got your decision back from the VA Office and it was either denied or not what you expected, now what? If you are dissatisfied with your initial claim outcome, then you have the right to dispute the decision. This is done through the VA Appeals Process.

This can be a stressful and complex process. If you hire a Veterans Disability Attorney they will be able to help you through the VA process. Rob Levine & Associates handle these claims on a National level. We offer a Fee Free Policy that guarantees that you do not pay us unless we win for you.

Notice of Disagreement (NOD)

The first step in the appeals process is to write an official statement to express your disagreement with the claim decision. This is a VA issued form called the VA 21-0958. You must file this document within a year of the decision date, or the VA will not accept it. You must include why you disagree with the rating and if you would like a Decision Review Officer (DRO) review or a traditional review.

DRO versus Traditional Review

The DRO Review is more comprehensive than the Traditional Review. Where the Traditional Review checks if the file is complete and the SOC is issued, the DRO Review is done by a senior-level VA employee and consists of a reassessment of the claim from start to finish. You may also ask for a personal hearing during this review.

Personal Hearings

This is when you and your Veterans Disability Lawyer meet about your case. This can be done at the BVA office, your local VA, or over video conference.

Statement of Case (SOC)

Your SOC is a detailed explanation of how your rating was decided by the VA. This includes all of the evidence and regulations that contributed to your benefits decision. This and a Substantive Appeal Form will be mailed to you once the VA receives and reviews your NOD.

Substantive Appeal Form (VA Form 9)

This document will give you the chance to contest any of the information within the SOC that you believe is incorrect. This form is a crucial piece of the appeal process because it outlines your appeal to the VA.

This process can become lengthy and complex. That is why many people depend on an experienced Veterans Disability Lawyer to help them through the VA Appeals process. Let Rob Levine & Associates get you the compensation that you deserve.

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