What Can Truck Drivers Do to Prevent Accidents?

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What Can Truck Drivers Do to Prevent Accidents?

As a truck driver, it’s important to know the most common reasons for truck accidents and how you can prevent them from happening in the future.

Common Accidents Caused by Vehicles

  • Driving behind or beside a truck in the areas where they have limited visibility (also known as ‘the no-zone’)
  • Merging improperly and causing a truck to brake quickly
  • Cutting off a truck at an intersection
  • Changing lanes too quickly
  • Unsafe passing
  • Distracted driving

Common Accidents Caused by Truck Drivers

  • Inadequate training with driving techniques and safety 
  • Unrealistic driving schedules- faster speeds for faster delivery and too many hours of consecutive driving causing tiredness or hallucinations
  • Improper truck maintenance and loading

How to Prevent Truck Accidents

Truck driving is considered a high-risk job because it requires attentive multitasking. Even one second of distracted driving can cause a serious accident. If you are alert and following the rules of the road, other drivers may not be as careful. Here are tips to prevent accidents:

  • Drive the speed limit and always be cautious of other drivers
  • Set your GPS before getting on the road
  • Be aware of the weather
  • Don’t drive fatigued- pull over for naps when needed
  • Keep a distance from the car in front of you in case they stop suddenly to prevent a crash
  • Properly use your signals and always check your mirrors
  • Begin to brake at the correct time when needing to slow down or come to a complete stop
  • Get your truck inspected especially after long trips and load it correctly
  • Don’t be distracted by phone calls, texting or eating while driving

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