World Elder Abuse Blog

World Elder Abuse Blog

June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness. The goal of this day is to provide communities globally with a better understanding of what elder abuse is and the toll it can take on the abuse victim. 

What is Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a broad term that refers to the mistreatment of elders, which can consist of physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. Typically, the signs of physical abuse consist of broken bones, burns, head injuries or concussions, bruises or welts, cuts and scrapes, and pressure marks or sores. Emotional abuse can be a bit harder to spot; however, there are signs such as low self-esteem, avoiding eye contact, or dissociation. Elders can also be victims of sexual abuse and might be unable to give consent due to medical conditions such as dementia. Caregivers can be their voice by looking for bruises around the breast or genital area, as well as unexplained vaginal bleeding.

Who To Call When Elder Abuse Happens?

If you believe an elder is in immediate danger, call 911. If you suspect the danger is coming from within a nursing home or care facility, you could notify someone within the nursing home or care facility such as an administrator. If you feel retaliation might occur, it’s best to contact law enforcement authorities or adult protective services (APL). Also, be sure to contact a licensed elderly abuse attorney such as Rob Levine and Associates.

Five Things That May Help Prevent

The National Center on Elder Abuse says that there are five things everyone can do to prevent elder abuse and support the community. They include:

  1. Learning the signs of elder abuse and how we can solve the issue together.
  2. Prevent isolation by calling or visiting older loved ones and ask how they are doing regularly.
  3. Talking to friends and family members about how we can all age well and reduce abuse with programs and services like law enforcement, community centers, and public transportation.
  4. Signing up to be a friendly visitor to an older person in our communities.
  5. Sending a letter to a local paper, radio or TV station suggesting that they cover World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15th or Grandparents Day in September.

Rob Levine & Associates, has a dedicated team of lawyers specialized in nursing home abuse in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Give us a call today at 401- 424-5213 and we will help you through the complicated process!

Rob Levine & Associates, is a dedicated team of lawyers specialized in nursing home abuse in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Our priority is to be an advocate for the injured and  abused. If you or someone you know is a victim, give us a call today at 401-424-5213 and we will help you through the complicated process. Your call is confidential and at no obligation

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