Update on Handheld Cellphone Ban

Update on Handheld Cellphone Ban

Hand held device ban This is an update on last week’s blog, regarding a bill to ban the use of handheld cellphones while driving in the state of Rhode Island. The bill passed in the Senate this week with a vote of 35-2. After over a decade of introducing the bill, State Sen. Susan V. Sosnowski has finally made the momentum she was hoping for. Now the bill just has to pass the House and would then go to Governor Raimondo to sign.

How The Ban Works

Currently, most states have bans on texting and driving because it is seen as extremely distracting and can lead to severe car accidents. The CDC estimates that over 20% of all car accidents can be attributed to distracted driving. This bill will make it against the law to use any handheld device such as a phone while driving. If a driver is caught driving while using a handheld device, they’ll be issued a $100 fine. For first time offenders, the fine will we waived upon showing proof that you own a hands-free device. The new bill will take effect in June 2017.

Mobile Device ban Hopes For The Ban on Handheld Devices

The percentage of fatality rates has decreased since the implementation of the ban on texting and driving. It is the goal of the Sen. Sosnowski, that the number of accidents and fatalities continue to decrease as drivers become more and more focused on driving.

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