Car Emergency Kits, Everyone Should Have One

Car Emergency Kits, Everyone Should Have One

Getting in a car accident or being trapped in your car is more common than you may think. According to the 2009 US Census, there are 10.8 million car accidents reported per year. In order to prepare yourself for a car accident or vehicle breakdown, it’s important that you put together a car emergency kit. It is recommended that your emergency kit contain the following items.

First-Aid Supplies 

Car accidents are often the cause of external injuries, such as lacerations and burns. By having a first-aid kit on hand, you can treat any external injuries that demand attention. The American Red Cross recommends that your first-aid kit contain Band-Aids, compress dressings, cloth tape, gauze pads, tweezers, and antiseptic ointment and wipes. It is also recommended that you include aspirin, gloves, hydrocortisone ointment and a first-aid instruction packet.

Food and Water

In the case that your vehicle breaks down or you are unable to access food and water, it’s important that you are equipped adequately with enough sustenance for a few days. Your car emergency kit should include a case of water and a water filter, energy bars, nuts and dried fruit, jerky, and other forms of non-perishable food items. By packing your car with food and water, you know that you won’t go hungry in the case that you become lost, experience a vehicular breakdown in a no-service area or are in a car accident.

Survival Supplies

Your car emergency kit should contain some emergency supplies in case you are in a critical situation or are stranded for a period of time longer than 12 hours. Part of these emergency supplies include a blanket or sleeping bag, flashlight, poncho, tarp, batteries, emergency radio, duct tape, multi-purpose knife, emergency flares, warm clothes, an extra pair of shoes and a survival manual. Your car emergency kit should have emergency supplies that prepare you for any type of weather, so make sure you include snow boots, gloves and a hat. Also, make sure your kit includes any necessary prescriptions or medications.

Other necessary survival supplies that are often overlooked are a GPS navigation system or compass, solar battery charger and a map.

Vehicle Tools

In the case that your vehicle experiences a breakdown, it’s important to have some basic tools that can help your vehicle get back in tip-top shape. Make sure your car emergency kit has jumper cables, a flat tire inflation canister, a small tool kit, washer fluid, a small shovel, spare fuses, a small fire extinguisher, antifreeze, extra oil, a car jack and an extra tire.

In addition to a first-aid kit, food and water, survival supplies and vehicle tools, a small toiletries kit, pen and paper and deck of cards can help to keep your sanity in the case of a vehicle breakdown or car accident.

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