Car Safety – Summer to Fall

Car Safety – Summer to Fall

car safety

As we move from September into October, the cooler weather is in front of us and the warmer summer days are behind us. Depending on where you are located, preparing your vehicle for fall/winter weather can mean different things. No matter where you are located, your vehicle will need general check-ups at the start of each season to prepare it for new conditions. It is

Common Car Maintenance

Car safety is important for new car owners as well as experienced drivers. An owner’s manual should be reviewed when you get the vehicle and periodically throughout the car’s lifetime. Understanding your car can ultimately help prevent accidents and gives you an idea of what problems to look out for. According to a vehicle should be serviced at least twice a year. Some of the basics of checking your car’s health are checking the fluids and knowing how to fill them back up. Filling your vehicle’s fluids can help save you hundreds of dollars throughout the life of your vehicle. Other general maintenance includes as follows:

  • Oil changes
  • Windshield wiper checks/replacement
  • Battery check/cleaning
  • Air filter cleaning/replacement
  • Tires aired up, rotated and balanced
  • Spark plug checks

Many of the things mentioned above can be done by the driver with minimal research online or by a friend.

Car Safety Kits for Fall/Winter

The weather will become increasingly cold while the days become darker faster. Headlights and having the proper tires is
essential colder seasons for safety. Having an emergency kit is even more important in the fall/winter time compared to the summ car safety er. Your safety kit should include but is not limited to the following:

  • Rain gear
  • Closed toed shoes
  • Dried food
  • Gas container
  • Blanket
  • Compass and map
  • Flashlight
  • Radio
  • Extra cell phone and batteries
  • First Aid Kit

When preparing for a new season you should take into account what you would need if you were stranded or having car trouble. Being prepared will help prevent stress and further expenses that come from paying others to do something you can do.

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